Weekly Highlights. #16

22 Mar 2014

L-R: Me and the Boy, Afternoon Tea in Battle, Katie at tea, Saturday morning with the Boy, Homemade Pizza, Nespresso Latte, Deciding on outfits, Prawn Salad, London in the sun, Bunch of Carrots Lush Bubble Bar, Garden in the sun, Camber Sands, Me, Chips! 
This week the sun has been out in full force and putting a smile on my face. I even managed to escape to the beach for the day! Lets hope its here to stay because I am definitely bored of the cold now!!

My three highlights are:

1. This week Craig bought a Nespresso machine and I've been all over the coffee. He also has a milk frother with it, which makes amazing lattes! Win! I might need to go on a coffee detox soon though...!

2. I've had some really yummy food this week - that counts as a highlight right? From prawn salads, home-made pizzas and a super yummy cream tea! I'm a foodie at heart so I can't not talk about the food in my life :). 

3. Finally, yesterday me and Katie drove to Camber Sands, a beach that we used to spend alot of our childhood summers at. It was SO windy though, and we left literally covered in sand!! I even had to take off my tights in the car to get the sand out of them! haha It was so lovely to go back there though, and it was a beautifully sunny day. We had the full British experience and had chips in a seafront cafe, with copious amounts of salt and vinegar! We also went to the town of Battle, and went to a gorgeous medieval looking café. I had a cream tea and Katie had tea and crumpets - all hand-made and super tasty! A lovely day out all in all <3 .="" nbsp="" p="">

I hope you've all had a lovely week! :)



  1. The amount of food in this post makes me so happy! Also, have you tried the wee LUSH carrots yet and are they any good? :)

    http://rainydaycupcake93.blogspot.ie/ xx

  2. Your food photos always make me hungry! P.S. I just did the TMI tag over on my youtube & wanted to tag you do to it next if you haven't already. Is that alright?


  3. Gorgeous photos! You look like you've been having a lovely time :)

    Thanks for sending me your link in sunday's #bbloggers chat, you've got a lovely blog and I can't wait to read more! :)

    I'm over at Lots of Love, Me. if you fancy a peek :)

    Vicky xxx