Easter Lush Treats.

21 Mar 2014

When I'm looking for a bath time treat, Lush will never fail to help me out. I struggle to walk past a Lush without popping in and nearly always leave a little lighter in the pocket. Now as their Easter range has been released I had more than justified a trip in.

I was really in the mood for a bubble bath last week so I picked up three of their Easter themed Bubble Bars; The Bunny, Green Bubbleroon and Bunch of Carrots. All three drew me in mainly through their super cute aesthetics but as like all Lush products they all smell AMAZING too.

The Bunny shares the same scent as the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar, a super yummy vanilla and has skin softening shea butter and coconut oil to pamper your skin. The Bunny however is also filled with blue cornflower petals to make your bath really pretty!

The Green Bubbleroon looks rather like a bum in the picture above! Oops! But, I promise it does look like a macaron in real life! Grass is literally one of my favourite smells ever and I loveeee me some macaron's so I couldn't leave without this! The two halves are joined together by coconut oil and shea butter which leaves your skin feeling ridiculously soft and your bath turns a beautiful green colour. I can't wait to use this one!

Finally, the Bunch of Carrots is just darn awesome. There was no way I was leaving this in the shop! The carrots probably have the faintest scent out of the three bars I bought, but it is a lovely tropical and fruity scent. I love that the carrots are reusable too, I'm hoping I'll be able to get quite a few baths out of this! But lets face it, I bought them because they're carrots. No lie.

Have you tried any of the Easter range at Lush? Also, taking the photos of these Bubble Bars gave me Reason No.5463 for wanting a Bunny Rabbit, because HOW CUTE would it have looked next to the Bunch of Carrots?!?



  1. Oooh lovely little haul! Those bunnies are just too cute ^_^


  2. I've tryed Bunch of Carrot's and i loved it !! The smell of this is amazing ^^

  3. Ooo the carrots look so cool !
    Eb x

  4. The carrots look absolutely awesome! :D

  5. I did actually think the green thing looked a little like a bum but I wasn't going to say anything ;) x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. Hahahaha, thank you for your discretion! ;) Xxx