Baking With Aimee.

24 Aug 2015

A new post?! What is this?!

I do apologise. 7 months out isn't my finest hour!! But its been a rather eventful year so far, and this blog has taken a definite back seat.

I've also suffered with a lot of writers block, which has mainly stemmed from my indecision on where this blog is going.

After months of consideration I've decided to start afresh and focus solely on my one true passion (aside from writing!); baking!

And thus, Baking With Aimee was born.

This will be my new home from now, and while you may see a few recipes cropping up from my days spent blogging in this space I'm also brimming with new bakes to share!

I do hope you'll pop along and follow my adventures at Baking With Aimee. Its still a work in progress at the moment, but one that I'm putting my all into making a great read.

Thanks for following since 2012!

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