Blog Loving.

1 Mar 2014

Today's post is usually my Weekly Highlights but I've been having a load of trouble with my phone and haven't got many photos from this week, so I thought instead I'd share the love a bit in the blogging world by sharing some of my favourites. I often think a lot of blogs that I read don't have half the followers they deserve, so hopefully a couple of you reading this will enjoy some of these blogs and give them a follow too! :)

Firstly, is Couture Girl a blog that I'm sure the majority of you will know actually! Firstly, I love Kayleigh's photography, her pictures always look really beautiful. Her reviews are great because of this, as you can really rely on her swatches! Her lovely personality comes across so well too, and you can really tell how much time and effort she puts in to her blog.

The next blog is Holly Mixtures. Holly and I started blogging around the same time, so she's probably one of the bloggers I've followed the longest! Her posts are literally hilarious, especially her tales of her beloved Dettol Spray. She also posts great OOTD's and beauty reviews too. If you like a blogger who really lets her personality shine through, then she's definitely the blogger for you! :)

Thirdly is Faye's Fix. I only found Faye's blog in the past month or so, but I've kinda fallen in love with her! She's also a YouTuber which is where I originally found her where she posts really cute OOTD's! I love her accent, and I have major hair envy!! I also blame her for my new addiction to oversized smock dresses...

Rosalie Jayne is a blog that has a little bit of everything. I really love her way of writing, and her Sunday posts always make me want a latte. She's also a musical theatre student and as I'm a huge theatre fan I love any related posts. She has a really great Instagram to follow too, although it will make you want to go to a coffee shop!

Lastly, is Meg's Budget Boutique. Meg writes a brilliant review, and takes really great photos to accompany it. She also posts really great OOTD's, especially her recent LFW shots. She recently got a beaut new haircut that makes me seriously contemplate going for the chop too!

So there's just a few of my favourite blogs to read! I hope its given even a few of you some new blogs to follow! :)



  1. Awwww Aimee thank you so sooooo very much!! This truly has made my day - and YESSS you were one of the very first bloggers I followed too :D

    So, sooo appreciated :D
    Holly Mixtures


    1. Awhh no worries Holly! :) I do love to spread a bit of love!! haha Xxxx

  2. You're blog is fabulous! Do you mind checking my blog out?

  3. Ooh this is brilliant! Only seen two of these so far, but you're absolutely right - they're really good! Thank you :)