December Favourites.

31 Dec 2012

This month I've been loving quite varied products; a few recent splurges, a Christmas gift and a Glossy Box find.

First up, my Stila One Step Illuminate which I actually wrote a full review on a few posts back here. This product was bought on such a whim, I surprised myself by how much I liked it! There's not many days where I don't use this primer now as I just love the healthy glow it leaves me with. Considering I've had this for just over a month now, I also think it lasts really well!

A beauty staple I think, but this is actually my first purchase of the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover. I'm not sure how I would cope without this now, its just so simple and quick to use! Definitely a firm favourite for months to come I think. :)

My first Essie nail polish, and definitely a favourite for this wintery month! The shimmery bluey/greeny colour (Dive Bar) is so suited for the cold weather we've been having, and the quality of the polish is really apparent. I wrote a full review on this polish earlier this month which you can read here.

This Ayuuri Indian Rose Face Cream actually featured in my November Glossybox post and I have to say I wasn't massively excited by it. However, after persevering with it I have quite enjoyed using it. I'm still not keen on the smell of Rose, but the cream does leave my face feeling really soft and smooth. Which in the winter months can sometimes be tricky to accomplish! So thanks Glossy Box for ensuring I find this brand! :)

I feel like this product needs little explanation. The MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle actually made its way into my home a few months ago, but this month I've had quite a few compliments on my dewy/shimmery cheekbones that it's renewed my love for the product! I just love this and I'm sure most of you reading will agree :) I wrote a little piece about this splurge here.

The Topshop Lip Marker in Hot Shot is actually intended as a kind of lip stain. However, I wear mine as more of a lip liner/base coat for lipstick. It seriously improves the wear time, and creates a really nice base for my lipstick to sit on top of. As it is a lip stain, you can wear it alone and although I've heard good reviews  on this, I haven't tried it myself so couldn't really comment. The actual nib of the product has the texture of a felt tip pen and is therefore super easy to control and makes application a smooth process. Definitely a winter favourite when a statement red lip looks so festive.

Lastly, a very recent addition to my monthly favourites! If you've read my previous post (here) you'll know that this Max Factor Colour X-Pert Waterproof Eyeliner in Metallic Anthracite was a Christmas present from my sister. Therefore meaning that I've had the product for less than a week of this month! However, I really do love it that much that it deserves a place in my favourites. I've worn it everyday since opening it and its pretty much a perfect product in my eyes! I think I will be purchasing different colours in the near future to test them out too.

So there you have it, my December favourites! Are any of these products a favourite of yours too? Let me know :)

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Review | Max Factor Colour X-Pert Waterproof Eyeliner

29 Dec 2012

For about the past 3/4 years I've been a gel eyeliner addict. After struggling with liquid eyeliner as a teenager, the addition of gel eyeliner to my make-up bag was a godsend. However, in the past few months I've begun to re-attempt using liquid eyeliner and I've actually really enjoyed it! I love the look and shine liquid eyeliners give, and with abit of practice I've gotten the knack down. Result! Therefore, I was very happy to unwrap this eyeliner from my sister on Christmas day!

The Max Factor Colour X-Pert Waterproof Eyeliner is actually amazing! There's no two ways about it, I really love it! I have it in Metallic Anthracite, which is pretty much a shimmery grey! Its such a beautiful colour, and a really nice change from the generic black that I would usually always wear. It really makes the eyes shine, without looking like you're too dolled up.

The actual application of the product is made really easy, as the applicator is quite spongey in texture and tapered to a thin point. This makes creating both a thin and thick line really simple. It also dries really quickly, and then quite literally won't budge all day. Even when using a make-up wipe to remove it at the end of the day, it takes a fair bit of scrubbing! Definitely a winning attribute in my eyes.

The eyeliner comes in quite a few different metallic colours, as well as the standard black if you're just looking for a new make-up staple. I'd definitely recommend checking it out :) 

Have any of you tried this eyeliner before? :)


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Guess what I got?!

28 Dec 2012

So I got a fancy pants new camera (Nikon D5100 if you're wondering!) for Christmas! I've wanted a DSLR for yonks, and as I've never been able to afford one myself I asked if I could pay half towards it and have it as a christmas present! Winning idea if I do say so myself! :) So you can expect a lot nicer photos on my blog from now on!

I've got a few make-up review posts lined up for the near future, but I thought I'd just share with you a few snippets from my Christmas! I hope you all had a wonderful time! :)

Homemade Mince Pies, Cava at Lunch, Christmas OOTD/FOTD, Homemade Treats, Shrek The Musical on Boxing Day,  My best friends cat Jakey, Presents!, Christmas Lunch with best friends, Best friends on our own Christmas Day, Beautiful candle holder present <3

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Holidays Are Coming.

24 Dec 2012

Its Chhrissstmasssssss! (Imagine that in Noddy Holders voice!)

Its Christmas Eve and I'm feeling thoroughly festive! As such, I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!! I hope you all have a wonderful day; enjoy copious amounts of food, have fun with your family and receive lots of lovely presents :) Here are just a few snapshots from my Christmas preparations to help get you even more excited for the big day! :)


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Review | Charles Worthington Intense Rescue Melting Balm

22 Dec 2012

First of all, I would like to apologise for my recent lack of posts! I've been a very busy bee, and haven't found the time to properly sit down to pen a post! Also, if I'm honest I wasn't feeling very inspired and didn't want to force a rubbish post! Anyway I'm here now, extremely excited for Christmas and ready to review! :)

I've been really into finding new and exciting hair treatments and oils recently, and this Charles Worthington Balm first came to my attention after I watched Fleur De Force's hair care routine Video. She really sold it, so I thought I'd give it a try :)

It is quite pricey at £16.99, but when I bought it it was on offer so only about £11! It seems to be on offer quite a lot, so definitely wait a while so you can save some pennies! The balm is described as 'a fast working formula which helps hair absorb the nourishment it needs and weightlessly restores its condition.' The texture is almost like wax, and is quite hard to scoop out of the pot! But, as soon as you rub your palms together it instantly transforms into a buttery oil texture which you can then spread easily through your dry hair.

The balm needs to be left on for 20 minutes before being washed off and going about your normal hair washing routine, so its definitely a treatment that I only use once a week. As really, who has 20 minutes to spare most mornings? Once its on, I have to say its not the most attractive of looks! You pretty much look like you haven't washed your hair in about a week, its pretty grim. Anyway, once I've finished whiling away 20 minutes and am washing it off, my hair does feel super soft and lovely!

As for nourishing and restoring the condition of my hair, I have to say I haven't noticed a dramatic difference so far. Its definitely made my hair softer, as my hair usually tends to be quite coarse. The directions on the product do say to use the treatment once or twice a week, and so far I've only been able to use it once a week and even that has only been a few times, so I definitely think the best is yet to come. The reviews I've seen and the quality of the product also spur me on to continue using it!

I do think the product is definitely worth the money though, as you really only need a tiny amount each application as it spreads so easily once rubbed together. It'll definitely last me a long time!

Have any of you used the balm? I'll let you know in a couple more weeks if I've seen an improvement in the effects! :)

I hope you're all excited and ready for Christmas!! Only 3 more sleeps!! :)

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Snapshots of Life.

16 Dec 2012

I've been a bit of a busy bee recently! Starting a new job, going out and about with friends and trying to fit Christmas shopping in! So although I will have a beauty post up soon, (hopefully tomorrow in fact!) today I just thought I'd leave you with a fun picture based post, of what I've been getting up to recently :)

From top left; Yummy breakfast at my sister Katie's house, Coffee time with Katie, Spoons dinner and wine date with Hannah in Soho, Free Ben Howard gig with Amy in Brixton, Super cute Christmas decoration from House of Fraser, Dinner date with Katie in Leicester Square before seeing Our Boys the play, Delicious home-made Raspberry Victoria Sponge Cake at Katie's, Wicked tickets arrived in the post, Christmas presents wrapped and ready to go under the tree, a cheeky Starbucks at work where they spelt my name Emy?!?.

I hope you've all had a lovely weeekend :)

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Christmas Jumper Day.

14 Dec 2012

Today in the UK is Christmas Jumper Day! All in aid of the charity Save The Children! Click on the pretty link above to find out more if you wish! :)

I have to be honest though, the whole day was pretty much just an excuse to me so I could be festive, jolly and generally look a bit silly! I think it worked quite well! ;) The jumper is from Primark, for a measly £12! Suchh a bargain! There were some amazingly cheesy jumpers in Urban Outfitters that I wanted so badly but sadly they were all a bit out of my price range :( 

I can't wait to wear my jumper again on Christmas day! Only 11 days to go now!! :D! Have any of you got a cheesy Christmas jumper? :) 


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Baking Snapshots.

12 Dec 2012

Hi Guys,

I haven't written a baking post for a while, mainly because I've been too busy to do any baking and also due to a major lack of funds! :( But despite this I still really wanted to write a baking related post! So, I decided to share with you some of my more 'extravagant' bakes! Some successes, some...not so much.

Making Birthday cakes for friends and family has become something I really enjoy doing and is almost a self-challenge to 'top' myself every time. I'll let you decide whether or not I've been successful! :)

This was one of the first themed birthday cakes I made for one of my best friends/Uni housemate Joe. He loves Fixed Gear bikes and cycling, so thinking of the theme was a given! I'm proud of the actual grassy effect and the track, but as this was a first attempt I had pretty much no idea how to make the bike and figurine so as you can see, they're pretty damn rubbish! But for a first attempt? I'm still quite proud! :)

This was a cake that begun its life with me being immensely proud of it! I then had to transport it on a 4 hour train journey, then navigate the London Underground and then finally a short car journey until I arrived home to give it to my sister Katie for her 24th Birthday. (Who incidentally has just begun her own baking blog, so definitely check that out for more baking goodness here! :)! The cake is an exact replica of her car with a matching number plate and everything! :) It was murder to create and transport and suffered alot en-route but I'm still proud. :)

The mountain cake was made for another best friend who I used to live with at Uni. Allie is veryy outdoorsy and is constantly up mountains, so this cake was a homage to her outdoor pursuits! The grey 'stone' block at the top is meant to be a cairn and the brown strips are meant to be the path that the little 'Allie figurine' has trudged up! You can't see it from the picture, but she even has her own little backpack! I was pretty proud of the model :)

These muffins are probably the best themed cakes I've ever made! They were made on one veryyy hungover day, where I genuinely thought I might die! Despite this they were SO much fun to make, albeit extremely time consuming! I made them for my boyfriend Craig for his 21st Birthday, as he is quite the Apple addict! All the 'apps' are in the same order as he had on his phone at the time which made it quite personal :) I have no idea how I'm going to top this for his birthday next year though! Suggestions anyone?! ;) On the subject of the boyf, Craig has just begun his own blog about life, theatre/film reviews and techy app things, so if you want to have a gander you can check it out here. :)

Last but not least, I made these super cute Flower Pot muffins for my Nan's birthday this summer. :) I often peruse the Lakeland website/catalogue/shop (because I'm just that middle-aged!) and one day I saw these flower pot muffin cases and quite literally I couldn't not have them! It wasn't a want it was a need! I just think they look so cute with the flowers! Which were surprisingly easy to make! :) My next project will be to use the cases as a mould to make chocolate flower pots! Good idea or whatt!? ;)

So, I hope you enjoyed these little snapshots of baking fun! Do any of you make fancy Birthday cakes? :)

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FOTD | A Statement Lip.

9 Dec 2012

Hey guys,

So even as I type this I'm still kinda unsure whether or not to post it! I really enjoy reading Face Of The Day posts, as I am quite a nosy parker! Butt, I'm not really sure how interesting my face will be as I'm not particularly extravagant in my everyday make-up look! But hey ho, here it is, and I hope at least one of you finds it interesting! :)

Firstly I would like to point out; I'm not actually a vampire, contrary to how the latter picture would like to portray me! But I seriously struggle with taking pictures of myself and this was the best of the lot, so despite the vampiric tendencies I went with it! :)

I use the Stila One Step Illuminate  as a primer, then the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in Ivory (which is a definite favourite!), the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Light 2, the Benefit Erase Paste in No.2 and the powder from the Sleek Base Duo Kit in Shell.

Today on my eyes I simply used my favourite Topshop Liquid Eyeliner in Rook, but after just having a search they don't seem to sell it anymore! :O! SO sad!! But they do sell a similar style instead which you can see here.

To finish I highlighted with the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle, added blush with the MAC Powder Blush in Well Dressed and on my lips I wore the Yves Rocher Moisturising Cream Lipstick in Framboise 101. I couldn't find that exact shade on the Yves Rocher website, or anywhere to be honest! But there are similar on there :)

So thats my face! haha Let me know if you liked the post! :)


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Review | Essie "Dive Bar"

7 Dec 2012

Surprisingly to some, this is actually my first ever Essie purchase! I was looking around Boots the other day for a new polish, and after hearing soo many reviews on Essie, I thought I may aswell give it a go! It is abit on the pricier side for a nail polish, which is probably whats stopped me from ever buying one before! But, now after using it for about two weeks I can completely understand the higher price tag!

I wasn't really looking for any particular colour, but as its nearly Christmas (YAY!) I was mostly being drawn to the darker colours! And then I noticed Dive Bar and the shimmeryness (thats definitely a word..!) sold me completely! Its actually described as being a mysterious black-blue with shimmer. But, I think it looks more green and purple when its on my nails! Although, in certain lights it can look very black! I think thats why I liked it so much though, as it constantly looks so interesting!

The actual texture of the polish was amazing! It went on so easily and smoothly! I put on two coats, and then a top coat of the Nails Inc. Kensington Caviar 45 Second Top Coat which I got in the November Glossybox. Both pair together really well and give my nails such a smooth shiny finish!

I've been able to go for about 5 days without any chips, which for me is astounding! I'm usually trying to hide my chipped and rubbish looking nails! So this has all been very exciting for me! :) Although this was a splurge I am really glad I went for it! And next time I buy nail polish I'll definitely be going back to the Essie stand :)

I'm off to see the Silver Linings Playbook with my mum tonight! I've heard such good things about it! Have any of you seen it yet? :)

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