A Day at Camber Sands.

23 Mar 2014

So this week me and my sister Katie decided to take advantage of the sunny weather and head down to Camber Sands. We used to go to this beach a lot when we were kids and it holds a lot of good memories for us. It actually turned out to be a SUPER windy day, which did make it a little chilly. It was so windy the sand looked like smoke billowing across the beach. But in true British style we traveled down anyway, and even had a picnic sat on the beach. Call us crazy maybe, but we enjoyed it! We also had farr too much fun taking jumping pictures, and I attempted to be arty farty taking pictures of the sea. Deep breath, here comes a lot of pictures!

You may notice throughout these pictures that the above is the only one where you can actually see my face! This is because I have a fringe, and they are NOT a good look in ridiculously windy weather let me tell you. I generally look like I'm in an 80's music video, which although I'm sure was a great look then, is not one I want to sport in every day life. We had such a good day though, if you're ever nearby I urge you to go and meander along the beach. :)



  1. Hahaha let me just ask - when is it ever not windy at a uk beach !? Looks like you had fun !
    Eb x

  2. This post is beautiful and your weather is GORGEOUS! I am so glad I found your site through the bbloggers chat on Twitter!