A Very British Day Out.

27 Jun 2014

Last weekend myself and Katie went on a sister day trip to Nymans, a beautiful National Trust property in Sussex.  Over the years we've been to so many National Trust properties on family camping holidays and now its become a little tradition for myself and Katie.

The grounds were seriously stunning and the beautiful weather only amplified how lovely it was in my pictures. A wedding was taking place while we were there which was really exciting! I can only imagine how lovely their wedding album will be.

We spent quite a while walking around, snapping photos and generally having a good old life chat. National Trust properties seem to bring out the 'life question' chats between us both, which I actually really enjoy. At the moment I feel like there isn't many people in my life that I have real, deep conversations with but Katie is someone I can always rely on for a good conversation.

Anyway, I will leave you with the pictures which I hope you like! I reallly enjoyed getting my camera out for the day, and vainly I'm rather happy with them! Katie also took some photos, and I've slotted some in below too!

Have you been to any National Trust properties?

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My Festival Essentials.

24 Jun 2014

Tomorrow I'm off to Glastonbury! Wahooooo! Literally am beyond excited. I'm definitely NOT looking forward to the toilet facilities, or lack of. But, theres sooo many people I'm excited to see and I can't wait to be in full cliche festival mode, flower crown and kimono intact.

I thought I'd share with you the things I've picked up in preparation. I don't think I've gone too overboard, so I'm pretty happy with myself!

The obligatory flower crown is from topshop! I especially liked this one as it has a ribbon tie, making it so much easier to keep on my head! The elastic ones always stretch too quickly or just pop off my head. Either I've got a huge head or I need to invest in better elastic...

I got some new shorts this year, in a lighter more 'washed out' denim. They were in the H&M sale so I was pretty chuffed! I also fell in love with ALL of the tops in H&M. They're totally winning at summer clothes this year. I got 3 or 4 really cute summer tops to go with my shorts which I'm actually really excited to wear!

Top right is a Boohoo Kimono. Its a super pretty floral pattern with lace tipped sleeves. The picture of it online looked like the sleeves were 3/4 length but they're actually full length! I won't lie, I'm a little disappointed so I may be doing some late-night sewing! Its super pretty though, and it'll be a really great coverup!

Practical Aimee came to the fore with my next purchase, which was a mac from Primark. Its really long and folds down to a tiny pouch so I'm pretty chuffed with that.

I got some super cute sandals from Primark too! I have an exact pair in Mint Green from Urban Outfitters which were like 30 Quid! So anyone looking for a bargain? Hit up Primark!

My sunglasses are also a new buy - does anyone else always feel like they need a new pair of sunglasses every summer? These are from River Island and I'm in LOVE. I think I've finally found a pair that suit me - hooray!

I won't lie, I know the tiny backpack is totally a 90's throwback. But the 90's are definitely in at the moment right?? I wore it out today and I'm already obsessed with it. Its just so damn cute!! Also, for practicality reasons its so handy having both hands free! I usually lug around a huge bag and kill my arm in the process, so I'm excited to start using this.

And there we have it, my Glasto essentials! Please pray for dry weather with me!

Anyone else going too??

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Living in London.

22 Jun 2014

Growing up in Croydon I always knew that when I eventually moved out it would be further into central London. One of my absolute favourite cities, London will always be home to me and I can't imagine ever moving away for good. However, living in such a big city does have its challenges and for any of you thinking of moving down here's some points to keep in mind!

- Living in Zone 1 is the Impossible Dream
- Tourists will become the bane of your life (even if you've only recently become an adopted Londoner)
- With that in mind don't even THINK about Oxford Street on a Saturday unless you want to hate life
- The Tube will become the tube of hell in the summer months, avoid at all costs.
- Turning veggie is suddenly a very appealing option after rent has left your bank account, meat is far too expensive.
- People standing on the left of the escalator will incur a rage inside that you never knew you had
- Tottenham Court Road Primark may be the biggest and best, but it also constantly looks like a '4pm on a Sunday' kind of Primark.
- Shouting 'move down in the carriage' immediately garners a level of respect from all surrounding struggling passengers.

Any fellow Londoner's our there? What living tips would you give? :)

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Date Night at The Pearl

6 Jun 2014

Myself and Craig have noticed in recent months that all too often we were spending our evenings sat in watching TV. Which don't get me wrong, I do enjoy! But, we started to feel like we weren't doing anything exciting as a couple anymore. Step forward 'Date Night Thursday'! We've decided from now on every Thursday we're going to do something interesting together whether its going for a meal, to an exhibition or seeing a show! Just something new and together.

So, with that in mind last night we went along to the (semi-permanent?!) pop-up restaurant The Pearl in The Dolls House overlooking Hoxton Square. The idea behind the restaurant is British cuisine 'tapas' style and they recommend you have art least 2-3 dishes each. Naturally, we took their advice ;)

The food was literally so so good! First up we had 'breads and butters' which consisted of one slice of soda bread and one slice of black pudding bread with truffle butter and marmite butter. I won't lie, I don't like black pudding, but oh my was that bread amazing! We're now both trying to find a recipe! We also started with gin infused pickled onions - oh yes!

Next up we had some veggie dishes - asparagus with hollandaise sauce and a beetroot, walnut and westcombe cheese salad. Both were literally delicious! It was so nice having the small dishes too, made the experience of dinner so much more interesting.

We actually didn't choose any meat dishes as there wasn't anything we particularly wanted, but the fish dish we chose was my favourite! Scallops and crayfish in an amazing butternut squash puree. Oh my. I could have eaten that dish double the size!

Originally we hadn't actually ordered a pudding, but it is me and I do love a good dessert so we tried 'eggs and soldiers' from the menu. This came out as two shortbread fingers, with what looked like actual eggs! In reality it was a mango caramel yummyness - I'm using the term yummyness because I genuinely don't know what it was aside from tasting so so good! It was really smooth and creamy and not sickly at all which was quite surprising!

It was a delightful date night, made all the better by the brilliant service and really cool atmosphere throughout the Dolls House. If you're around Hoxton its definitely worth a visit, if not purely for the fact that the man on the door is always dressed as a cowboy. I'll say no more.

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Being 23 Means...

3 Jun 2014

Having turned 23 nearly two months ago I feel like I have a fair grasp of my new age and as such I thought I'd share with you my definitive list of what being 23 means to me. Enjoy :)

- Being 23 means living outside your means
- Being 23 means being offended both when you are and aren't asked for ID
- Being 23 means pretending to be a grown-up
- Being 23 means having weekly panics that your life has no direction
- Being 23 means slowly realising that turning into your mother/father is inevitable
- Being 23 means realising life post-uni is harder than you expected
- Being 23 means realising the horrifying thought that 10 years ago you'd just turned into a teenager
- Being 23 means realising that the workplace is actually just like school, but with responsibility
- Being 23 means hangovers now last at least 24 hours
- Being 23 means starting to accept the person you've become

What does being your age mean to you?

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Greenwich In A Day.

1 Jun 2014

I warn you now, this is a rather picture heavy post! But I haven't taken my camera out in a while so I became quite snap happy!

Today me and the guys spent the beautifully sunny afternoon in Greenwich, exploring the park and market. Greenwich is slowly becoming one of my favourite parts of London and is a really nice place for a lazy weekend mooch.

Greenwich park is beautiful and gives the most wonderful view over London. I love how well the colour of the grass has come up in these photos too, it really was so vibrant in the sun. London in the summer is just the best. Gone is the usual cold nature akin to Londoner's, instead a brighter sunnier disposition is taken on by all. Apart from when you're on the tube; no eye contact is allowed on the tube, no matter the season.

Greenwich Market is also a treasure trove of amazing food and vintage clothes. Some of the food stalls seem to change from week to week but all of it will guarantee to make you hungry! We didn't actually stop for any food as we'd all eaten before, but a few weeks back I had the most amazing pulled duck and pork burger - my mouth is literally watering just thinking about it!

It was such a lovely and sunny day though, so fingers crossed for more sunny weekends so I can use my camera! I'm off to have a bath now and try and put off the Sunday evening blues, with a pamper!

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend :)

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