Weekly Highlights. #15

8 Mar 2014

L-R: Tanya Burr New York Night nails, Mums pizza dough,  Beaut view from the flat, Monday morning face, St. Pauls looking stunning, the London Eye just peeking out, Night time face, Dinner in the new flat, Mums super tasty pizza, Cake and Coffee in Starbucks, Craig hand in paw with Millie. 
This week has been suchhh a tiring one. I slept in so late this morning, without even waking up once! I definitely needed the rest!! This week has seen me attempt to be a little healthier (minus the cake and pizza above..ahem..) and do a hella lot of walking.

My three highlights are:

1. Firstly, I won £50 on the Premium Bonds this week! I literally never win, so this made me very happy indeed! I've got to wait for the cheque to come in the post, but I may have to treat myself to something with my winnings :) 

2. Craig and Joe moved into the new flat on Wednesday which was superrrr exiting! I stayed over the first night to help them settle in, and we had a lovely first dinner together there! The view from the flat is just awesome too, looking over Canary Wharf and the O2 to name a few. 

3. Finally, mum decided to handmake pizza for dinner this week, including the dough! It was a potato, rosemary, brocolli and mozzarella pizza and it was SO tasty!! I literally devoured it! Mum was seriously proud of her dough too - pro baker!!

So that's my highlights! How've your weeks been?


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