My January Favourites Video(!!!)

31 Jan 2014

Today I've taken the scary plunge into the YouTube world! I've been contemplating venturing in for a while, and I decided now was the time to do it. As I said in the video, I find writing my favourites post's can sometimes drag on and on, whereas talking about them is muchh easier!

The lighting is awful in the video, and I realised that I spend the majority of the time looking at the viewfinder and not the actual camera lense! For that I apologise, but I'd love any feedback you have on my first attempt! :) I'm not sure how often I'm going to film, I guess it depends on whether you all like it or not! But it was fun to make this video nevertheless. :)

Let me know what you think! Be kind though, ;)!

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FOTN: An Engagement Party

28 Jan 2014

Last Saturday I went along to my oldest friend Emma's engagement party. It was the first engagement party I'd ever been to - am I really at that age now?! Scary! It was really lovely to celebrate with her though, especially as it was so apparent how happy she is. Make-up wise I went for quite a strong eyeliner look. I'm fallen back in love with the cat-flick at the moment!

Here's what's on my face:

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 52
Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in True Ivory
Nip + Fab Eye Fix Brightening Concealer 
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Translucent

Bourjois Délice de Soleil Bronzing Powder in Fair/Medium
NARS Deep Throat Blush 
Benefit High Beam 

Stila Kitten Eyeshadow 
Stila Sandstone Eyeshadow 
Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen in Carbon Black
Maybelline Mega Plush Volum' Express Mascara in Black

Maybelline Babylips in Intense Care

I hope you liked the look. :)

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A Day In The New Forest

26 Jan 2014

Last weekend me and two of my best friends spent the day in the New Forest with all the beautiful horses. We also tried to find some deer, but was mostly unsuccessful. We did spot two very far away, and I did manage to take a (very!) zoomed in photo before they ran away but nothing up close sadly. I've always loved horses, when I was a little girl I had about 40 plastic toy horses, so I was in my element in the New Forest! It was a beautiful day, really lovely and sunny and the horses seemed really friendly! Here's some of the photos I took from the day :)
This horse was particularly friendly! We nicknamed her Gingerbread :)
You can just spot the deer in the middle! 

Have you ever been to the New Forest? :)

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Weekly Highlights. #10

25 Jan 2014

L-R: Bath night, Me and Amy, Amazing Jerk Steak, Amy and her Birthday Cake, Amy's Birthday Cake I made, New Forest Horse, Yummy Mackerel lunch, Homemade Tea Loaf, Me and Ianthe, Tasty Tea, Homemade Tea Cakes. 
This week has felt rather busy! Its been full of fun friend times though and ALL of the baking!! The best kind of week in my eyes. This week has also gone supremely fast! I can't believe today is a month since Christmas, right about now I'm sure I was in a food coma trying to recover on the sofa. Today however, I'm watching the appalling weather outside and dreading the fact that I have to go out in it tonight! :/

My three highlights this week are:

1. Last weekend, myself and a friend went to stay with our best friend Amy in Southampton. We did a lot of drinking, and a lot of eating...but it was really nice to get away and see her. We also drove to the New Forest and got to stroke loads of ponies and horses which was super fun! I've loved horses ever since I was a child, so seeing wild horses was wayyy too exciting for me!

2. This week I spent a lovely few days baking with Craig. We made Tea Cakes for the first time, which was a challenge but was so worth it. They tasted amazing, and definitely better than shop bought! 

3. Finally, just a little thing. But on Tuesday night, I decided to use up my last Christmas bath bomb from Lush. It was the Golden Wonder, which gave off a beautiful scent and made my skin feel amazingly soft. I really enjoyed relaxing and treating myself. Sometimes you need to give yourself a pamper I think!

What've been your highlights this week? :)

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My Dressing Table.

24 Jan 2014

I'm certain I'm not alone when I say that nosing around someones bedroom is oddly fascinating and in the beauty blogger world this translates to dressing table setups and make-up collections. So, as I don't have a huge collection of make-up I thought I'd share my dressing table with you. When I become mega-bucks rich (it will day!) I will have a gorgeous white dressing table, with matching mirror and chair. But for now, I have my chest of drawers instead.

Like many bloggers, I house my make-up and hair brushes in the super pretty pots from Ikea. I don't conform to complete bblogger stereotype though with the Alexa drawers! ;) The 'Please Don't Leave' dish that I keep my hair bands and earrings in is from Urban Outfitters. It was one of those purchases where I didn't really know what I was going to use it for but I couldn't not have it! The glass heart jar is one of my favourite items on my dressing table. I got it from Sainsbury's to house my cotton pads in, and it fits them in perfectly! The Keep Calm and Carry On wooden banner is a purchase I made in the tiny town of Conwy in North Wales. I love anything patriotic, so it was right up my street but again another purchase that I didn't really have a use for, aside from looking pretty obviously! ;)

I won't lie, it doesn't usually look this tidy. I keep both my current make-up bag and current skincare out on display so it usually gets rather messy and disorganized by the end of the week! I'm happy with the way it looks at the moment though, even if my heart longs for a fancy white dressing table!

What does your dressing table look like? If you've done a post like this let me know, I'm nosey too ;)

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STOP PRESS: Products I Actually Emptied #2

21 Jan 2014

As many Beauty Bloggers might agree, actually finishing a product is generally a momentous occasion and not one that happens very often. Back in February of 2013 I posted my first Empties post (here) and almost a year later here is the second edition. I have gone through other products throughout the year, but I've either forgotten to keep the packaging or haven't deemed them interesting enough to talk about.

The first empty product is the Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser. I have the Aloe Fresh scent, but you can also buy it in Essential Moisture and Cocoa Radiant. I was first drawn to this from the tagline that it 'moisturisies in seconds' meaning that you can put your clothes on straight away rather than waiting around in a sticky mess. The idea is that you spray a fine mist all over your body, quickly rub it all in and you're good to go. The scent is really fresh and its left my skin feeling really smooth. Its quite a strange texture, in that it sprays like a hairspray would but as soon as it touches your skin it reverts to a cream-like consistency. The spray has lasted me a good 4 months, so for £4.99 I'd say it's definitely worth investing in if you're in need of a quick fix for the mornings. I definitely will repurchase it in the future.

 Secondly is the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Translucent. As you might have noticed from the rather empty pan, I really love this powder. I wear this literally all the time. It mattifys my skin really well, and keeps my make-up in place all day long. At £3.99 it is such a bargain, and lasts for months too. If you're wondering whether I would repurchase? I already did, weeks before I finally decided this should hit the curb. True love.

Hot Cloth Cleansers are my favourite way to take the day off. They leave me feeling super clean and fresh. The No. 7 Hot Cloth Cleanser in particular is a favourite with me. The creamy consistency of the cleanser feels really nice on the skin and spreads really well. You only need one pump at a time, which means it lasts for ages too. I love the clear packaging on the cleanser too, as you can tell how much product you have left really easily. Although I do love this product and my skin feels so much clearer now after using it, I won't be repurchasing just yet. Purely because I'm trying out the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish at the moment instead. At only £9.95 for the tube though it's definitely a product that I'll have in my collection again.

I hope this was interesting for you! Have you tried any of these products? :)

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Sunday Bake | A Healthy Biscuit?

19 Jan 2014

Okay, so I may have slightly twisted the truth in calling this a healthy biscuit, but its definitely a lot healthier than most! This is the Anzac biscuit, which was originally made to send to the ANZAC's (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) serving in Gallipolli. Now its made to commemorate Anzac Day. Now, I say its healthier as it only has 125g of butter and has coconut and porridge oats to bulk it out. It's super tasty and sooo easy to make, so I thought I'd share it with you as a way to beat the January Blues without completely ruining your New Years diet!

1 Cup Plain Flour (1 Cup = 225g)
1 Cup Porridge Oats
1 Cup Dessicated Coconut
3/4 Cup Brown Sugar
125g Butter
2 tbs Golden Syrup
1 tsp Bicarbonate of Soda

Firstly, pre-heat the oven to 160 Degrees and line two baking sheets, or one large sheet with baking paper.

Then stir together the flour, porridge oats, dessicated coconut and brown sugar.

Next in a small saucepan melt together the butter, golden syrup and 2 tablespoons of water over a medium heat. Remove it from the heat once its all melted and add in the bicarbonate of soda, it will froth up quite a lot! Then put the butter mixture into the dry ingredients and stir until it is all combined.

Then roll the mixture into small balls ( I made about 15) and place on the baking trays about 5cm apart. Flatten them slightly with a fork or the palm of your hand, then bake for 10 minutes until golden brown. They will be VERY soft when you take them out of the oven, but just leave them to cool on the baking tray and they will firm up.

Once they have cooled enough, you can either tuck in straight away or pop them in a box to save for later! I hope you like them! Let me know if you try the recipe :)

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Weekly Highlights. #9

18 Jan 2014

L-R: Lunch with Grandad, Viennese Whirls for Amy, Hannah and Me, Celebratory Wine, Prawn Salad lunch, Laptop time, Post Flat viewing coffee, homemade Guacamole
From the pictures above this week seems to have revolved around food! Its been quite a busy week, hence why I don't have many photos but full of quite exciting things! My highlights this week are:

1. The biggest news of my week came on Monday when myself, my boyfriend and two of our best friends Joe and Will put in an offer on a flat which was accepted!! Its a beautiful flat, in a really great location and I can't WAIT to be living with the boys again. I'm actually moving in later than the boys, but a few months down the line I'm sure I'll update you again once I've moved! YAY!

2. Second is seeing one of my best friends from University on Saturday for a 'sensory music experience'. Hannah had free tickets to a really interesting event, where a string quartet played Debussy's string quartet in G Minor whilst we were blindfolded (sounds creepy but I promise it wasn't!) and experienced different touches, tastes and smells. As we were blindfolded our other senses were extremely heightened and the music felt really powerful. It was a great event and the copious amounts of free wine after didn't hurt!

3. Finally, I've spent quite a bit of time with my Grandad this week whilst my Nan has been in hospital. We watched the snooker, Pointless and ate sandwiches cut into little squares which reminded me of when I was little. Its times like this that I realise how lucky I am to still have my grandparents in my life. Especially such witty and funny ones at that!

What've been your highlights this week? :)

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My Make-Up Brush Collection.

17 Jan 2014

A few years ago, aside from the odd eyeshadow brush I didn't really have any makeup brushes at all. I would just use my fingers to apply my foundation and concealer. This was at a time when I didn't really understand what powder would be used for and had no interest in blush. Fast forward a few years and blush is one of my favourite makeup products! Its funny how much you can change in such a short space of time! Now, I have a nice little collection I thought I'd share with you my brushes in case you were looking at expanding your collection. Also, apologies that the brushes aren't clean in the pictures! I'm currently on my way to Southampton to stay with one of my best friends and I wanted to have this post scheduled before I left.

From looking at the pictures it may be apparent that I have a slight passion for Real Techniques. I'm not ashamed though because they really are amazing brushes! Brilliant quality for a great price too!

1. Real Techniques Powder Brush (£12.99)
This brush is amazing for bronzer, setting powder and even blush if you really wanted to! It's a really great size, and like all the Real Techniques brushes the synthetic bristles are so soft and fluffy. 
2. Louise Gray for Topshop Limited Edition Powder Brush 
The Louise Gray brushes all came in a Limited Edition set, which I won't lie I bought mainly for the pretty mint green handles! They have come in so useful though, and are super soft on the skin. I use this brush mainly for bronzer or setting powder. 
3. Real Techniques Buffing Brush (Part of the Core Collection £21.99)
The Buffing Brush is literally my favourite brush ever to put on foundation with. I wouldn't use anything else now! It literally buffs the foundation into the skin giving a really flawless base. 
4. Louise Gray for Topshop Limited Edition Blush Brush
This brush is really similar to the Louise Gray Powder Brush aside from being slightly smaller and having a more tapered shape. It works well with powder highlighter as you can be more defined in where you place the powder. 
5. Real Techniques Contour Brush (Part of the Core Collection £21.99)
This is a really great short tapered brush, that can be used for highlighting specific areas. I personally use it to blend in my under-eye concealer - not exactly its intended use but it works for me! 
6. Louise Gray for Topshop Limited Edition Pointed Foundation Brush
I actually don't like flat foundation brushes at all, but as this came within the Louise Gray set I thought I'd give it a try. Needless to say my opinion didn't change after using it, and although its a perfectly well made brush it just doesn't work for me at all. 
7. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (£9.99)
This brush is loved by many many people, me included. Once again however I don't use it for its intended purpose! Although its firm and broad shape has been designed for cream or liquid foundation, I like to use it for cream blushes. The firm bristles pick up the cream product really well, and buff it really well into the skin giving a really natural finish. 
8. Real Techniques Stippling Brush (£11.99)
The Stippling Brush's effect provides a flawless base when using foundation. I also love using it for powder blush as it gives a really natural flush to your cheeks. The bristles are unbelievably soft too!
9. Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush (Part of the Core Collection £21.99)
Like the Louise Gray flat foundation brush , this also came in a set and is a brush that I just don't get on with. Its quite a bit smaller than the Louise Gray brush, so would probably be better for more detailed and precise work. 

10. Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush (Part of the Starter Set £21.99)
This is a really great tapered shadow brush that is really great for using across the lid. Its soft and fluffy making it really easy to blend with too. 
11. MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush (£20.00)
This is quite a dense brush, with a rounded tapered top. Its super soft and is a real multi-tasker! You can use it to apply the base shade, blend shades or take shadows through the crease. It may be a little pricier but for the quality it's definitely worth it. 
12. Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush (Part of the Starter Set £21.99)
This is the biggest eye brush in my collection, and a favourite because of it. It blends really well and covers the whole lid nicely. Obviously, going with the name it also blends really well through the crease too. 
13. MAC 217 Blending Brush (£18.00)
The 217 is my go-to blending brush without a doubt. I love how soft and fluffy the brush is, even though it is a densely packed. The tapered oval shape fits really nicely across the lid too. Again, a pricier option but worth it in my eyes. 
14. Real Techniques Brow Brush (Part of the Starter Set £21.99)
Obviously although this is a brow brush, I actually bought this with eyeliner in mind. I'd seen a similar Illamasqua angled brush that was perfect paired with their Eyeliner Cake which I'd bought in the New Years Sale. So I thought I'd try out the Real Techniques version first before I splashed out on the Illamasqua brush. As the bristles are so tightly packed it creates a really great line and as you can use it with such precision it's great for brows too. 
15. Louise Gray for Topshop Limited Edition Eyeshadow Brush 
This is almost a shorter version of the Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush, making it perfect for applying a wash of colour onto the lid. As its quite a dense brush it also works well going through the crease. 
16. Real Techniques Pixel Point Eyeliner Brush (Part of the Starter Set £21.99)
This is definitely a brush that I don't get much use out of. Its very thin, tightly packed and flexible making it really easy to create a thin line. I prefer to use eyeliner pens rather than using a brush to apply though. 
17. Louise Gray for Topshop Limited Edition Liner Brush
I actually really love this brush, and use it often when I'm using an eyeshadow as an eyeliner. It creates a really thin sharp line that is easy to apply. 
18. Real Techniques Accent Brush (Part of the Starter Set £21.99)
This is a tiny brush, that is great for detailed eyeshadow work or for highlighting the inner corner of your eyes. The bristles are very tightly packed, but it's still soft and fluffy on the skin. 
19. Real Techniques Detailer Brush (Part of the Core Collection £21.99)
This is really similar to the Accent Brush in that it can be used for detailed eyeshadow work or for highlighting the inner corner of your eyes. It is slightly larger than the Accent Brush however, making it easier for me to use for highlighting. 

So there we have it, all the brushes in my collection! I hope this proved interesting for you. Are there any brushes you think I need to add?? :)

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FOTD | A Routine Look.

14 Jan 2014

I am such a fail at uploading FOTD posts, every time I do it the pictures seems to be at least 3 weeks old! But, I actually wear this look a lot so I thought it was still relevant enough to post! I love wearing this for a casual everyday look - my favourite kind really! The Soap and Glory Supercat liner is also my new favourite thing, and I love wearing it on my lower and upper lash line like this! I hope you like it :)

For the look I used:

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 52
Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in True Ivory

Bourjois Délice de Soleil Bronzing Powder in Fair/Medium
Topshop Cream Blush in Primetime
Benefit High Beam

Stila Kitten Eyeshadow from the In The Light palette
MAC Soba Eyeshadow
Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen in Carbon Black
Maybelline Mega Plush Volum' Express Mascara in Black

Maybelline BabyLips in Intense Care 

I hope you're all having a wonderful week! :)

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Magic at Hogwarts

12 Jan 2014

Last Sunday me and my family went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. We are a family of die-hard fans so it was SO exciting to be surrounded by the sets and props that seemed so familiar. I don't mean this to sound cheesy, but to me it felt almost homely being there. Growing up reading the books, they became a big part of my life and the characters and sets so familiar. It was amazing to see the crazy amount of detail that goes into the films, with props that may have only been in a split-second of the film made to the same high quality as vital props. At the time that we went to the tour it was still Christmas themed, which meant lot's of little extra touches and a lot of snow around the place! Hogwarts especially was beautiful! I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures I took:

If you are a Harry Potter fan I'd definitely recommend going! It was such a fun day out, and for £30 it was definitely worth the money! We spent a good 4/5 hours there and I still felt like I could have seen more!

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