Weekly Highlights. #15

15 Mar 2014

L-R: Android Birthday Cake for Joe, Trying on summer dresses in Urban Outfitters, Selfie #1, The biggest pot of Hot Chocolate ever,  Selfie #2, Finding my spare pair of glasses equals Selfie #3, Trying on new skirts - is it for me??
So this week has apparently been a very vain, selfie induced week as near enough all the pictures I had on my phone were of my face. I would say I'm embarrassed, but hey everyone loves a good selfie nowadays right? Right??

My three highlights this week are:

1. Last Saturday my best friend came home for the weekend and we spent the evening at the boys flat drinking and catching up! She lives in Southampton now so I don't get to see her half as much as I'd like, so it was really nice to spend the evening with her. We had tacos's too, which were sooo hard to eat but super tasty!!

2. On Sunday me and Craig spent the majority of the day baking an 'android' birthday cake for Joe! It was hardly the best cake we'd ever made, but it was well received and it was fun to spend the day baking together! Especially with the beautiful sun shining through the flat. :)

3. Finally, a beauty related highlight! To profess my love for the Revlon Matte Balm in Striking. Its such a beautiful shade for the sunny weather we've had this week, and the formula is amazing. New love! <3 nbsp="" p="">

I hope you've all had a wonderful week and have been enjoying the sun while its out! 

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  1. Firstly, your hair is lovely! And secondly- oh my god, the dress from Urban Outfitters just breaks my heart, it's so gorgeous! :o

    http://rainydaycupcake93.blogspot.ie/ xx

    1. Awh thank you :)! I know right?! It was £95 though so I sadly put it back on the shelf :( I'm hoping either I'll win the lottery or it'll go in the sale soon! haha Xxx