Thoughts on Blogosphere Magazine

28 Feb 2014

Us bloggers have created our own little community on the internet. We blog, share photos, tweet, youtube...the list goes on. But we have nothing tangible to our name. This is where Blogosphere comes in. A printed magazine about bloggers for bloggers. It's taken me a little while to jump on the bandwagon as the first magazine was actually launched back in October, but I'm so glad I have the magazines now.

Each magazine has contributions from bloggers across all genres showcasing their favourite blogs. Its a brilliant way to find new reads and learn a little more about the authors. They also add general blogging tips from 'agony aunt' Ellie of Xomisse. There is also a feature interview with a well-known blogger who also graces the front page of the magazine.

First up was Estée of Essie Button, second Sasha of Liberty London Girl and the recently published third issue featured Fleur of Fleur De Force (which is on my to-buy list!). Essie Button is one of my favourite bloggers and I really loved getting to know her more in the interview.

The whole magazine is really well thought out, with  interesting content all the way through. The magazine feels like amazing quality too, so I was shocked that it was only £4. It's SO worth your money especially if you're a blogger yourself or just want to find some new blogs to read.

I'm definitely subscribing :).



  1. They look really good ! I have heard about it before but never seen it or anything !
    Eb x

  2. Sounds like a really great magazine! But I'm guessing that it's not available here in Sweden. But maybe I can order it online :) thanks for the tip and a great post!

  3. I think it's great that bloggers have a magazine of their own! :D I haven't read any of the issues yet but I'd love to!