Wishing for Autumn.

17 Aug 2013

Whenever someone asks what my favourite season is, I will always shout SUMMER! But, I have to confess the past few days I've begun longing for a fresh chilly breeze, wrapping up in a big jumper and the chance to make more excuses for a Starbucks than I already do. So with that in mind I thought I'd share with you a little A/W wishlist to sate my autumnal needs for now. (I might add, that it probably won't help in sating my endless shopping needs however!)

Why are pretty things so expensive?! I have literally wanted a OnePiece onesie FOREVER. (That pattern in particular being my favourite!) They just look like the most comfiest things alive, and my Primark onesie just isn't cutting it anymore. Unless I win the lottery anytime soon, I think my dream of a OnePiece is just that. 

The Topshop shoes may very well be the cutest shoes everrr. I realise they're not particularly autumnal, considering the cut outs - but they would definitely look cute with a pair of tights and I think that's enough to include them in my list. Being only £35 however, I don't think they'll be staying on the wishlist too long....

When it gets to coat season, a statement bag is the one thing that completes your look and Michael Kors knows it. Most girls have that one designer bag that they lust after forever, knowing full well that it's probably out of their reach. Mine is the Selma Satchel. At £315, its not anyway near the expense of some designer bags - but its definitely still way out of my reach. Fingers crossed on that lottery guys!! 

Ted Baker always seem to make the most beautiful yet classy dresses. This in particular being one of them. I can literally see myself prancing around town in it! But alas, I think this may be a few too many pounds for my pocket :( 

Lastly, the Topman jumper. I realise this jumper is aimed at men - but don't you think guys get all the best jumpers?? I'm in love with the colours in the pattern and being made from Lambs wool I don't doubt that it must be ridiculously comfy! If this doesn't end up in my wardrobe, I may just have to buy it for my boyfriend instead!

So there we have it, my current A/W wishlist! What are you lusting over at the moment?



  1. Love those Topshop shoes, so cute! x


    1. They may already be winging their way to me...ahem...I think I have an addiction! Xx

  2. That bag is to die for!! I need it lol! great blog post!

    Holly xxx