Weekly Highlights. #19

19 Apr 2014

L-R: Shameless Selfie, My Roberts radio ♥, Les Mis at the Oliviers, Shameless Selfie #2, Carving the Butt Chicken, Birthday Cake No.1 from Mum, Birthday Pie lunch, Birthday Cake No.2 from Craig, Birthday Cards, Chocolate & Macadamia Pie, Tea Cosy made by Amy, Me and the best girl. 
This week has been a super fun one ending in a lovely long bank holiday weekend! I turned 23, had two cakes made for me (and I have another on the way - I'm being spoilt!) and briefly appeared on tv! And when I say briefly I mean literal seconds - but it still counts as a claim to fame!! Right??

Narrowing it all down is pretty tricky, but here are my three highlights:

1. Last Sunday Craig and myself hot-footed it down to Covent Garden to watch the live streaming of the Olivier Awards. We did feel slightly like the poor commoners who weren't actually allowed in the party, but it was fun regardless! They had a stage set up and had some live performances before the actual awards ceremony took place which were really good. Les Miserables and Wicked being a particular highlight! Mylene Klass and Micheal Xavier were hosting the stage, and then did some live 'links' to the awards show about three people away from us in the crowd! Mylene really did look as pretty in real life, but she also looked a lot older! It was super exciting to be on TV though, even if it was for a matter of about 5 seconds!

2. On Thursday I turned 23 and although I spent the day at work I still had a really good day! Craig bought me a Roberts Radio in my favourite colour which I've been lusting over for FOREVER. It was literally so so lovely of him, so thank youuuu again if you're reading which I doubt you areee. haha My work colleagues bought some lovely treats for us all to share, and I got home to find mum had made me a super tasty ginger cake! 

3. Finally, last night my lovely best friend Amy came with me to the boys flat and Joe made us Butt Chicken - which if you've never heard of before sounds BEYOND odd. But, its essentially a way of roasting a chicken on a beer can. Yep, still sounds odd right? Google it and you'll know what I mean! It was superr yum anyway and we then enjoyed copious amounts of alcohol and a Lemon Drizzle cake made by Craig which was soo good. I also need to mention that one of my presents from Amy was an amazing tea cosy that she MADE herself!!! Like actually knitted it! I will literally treasure it for ever. :) A lovely night all in all <3 p="">
I still have more birthday celebrations to go this weekend! But you'll have to wait for next weeks highlights to hear about them ;)

I hope you're all having a delightful long weekend!



  1. Roberts radios are amazing ! I love them so much ! Why do you always have so many pictures of nice food on these posts ! You make me hungry ! Hahaha !
    Eb x

    1. Hahaa, apologies!!! Its not intentional! :) Xx

  2. Looks like a lovely week; your radio is so pretty!

    And ohhhh my good. The food! I always look forward to your posts cause there are so many food photos, haha :)


    1. I knowww right, I love it! :)

      haha!! Glad to hear it :) Xxx

  3. well I think you will find i did read your blog! One is very welcome x