A Beach Morning.

31 Jul 2014

A day or two before the wedding (mentioned here) we went to East Wittering beach for the morning. The weather was just beautiful and if there hadn't been stones I would definitely have felt like I was abroad.

Though stones may be painful to stand on barefoot, there is something really quintessentially British about it that I really love. However, stones crashing into your ankle when the tide rushes in? Not so fun! The water was soo cold and literally so refreshing. It made me wish I lived near the sea so I could do this more often!

Finishing off with a lunch of Mussels was the perfect end to our mini seaside trip!

For the first time in my life I'm now seriously considering a life by the sea instead of London. Theres something so rejuvenating about even an hour or two on the beach. For now though I'll just get onto planning my next seaside trip!



  1. Great photos, cannot wait to be at the seaside the day after tomorrow. Literally living for the day I can finally put my feet into the sea :)


  2. Lovely photos! A life by the sea would be wonderful :) xx