Maddy's Fish Bar.

18 Jul 2014

Yesterday evening after work I had planned to spend some serious time writing up new posts and getting my blogging mojo officially on. However, when I got back to the flat the boys were mixing up a vat of Pimms and were formulating plans for us all to finally head over to Maddy's Fish Bar. So, I took the executive decision that living in the moment should always come first, and hey its new content right?

Maddy's Fish Bar is on New Cross Road and quite literally opposite our flat. It opened up a few months ago and we've been meaning to go ever since. Isn't it funny how the closer you are to something the longer it takes you to get there?

Anyway, it was definitely worth the wait! I opted for the classic, Haddock and Chips. The Fish was really well cooked, and the batter was infused with Dill which was a really nice addition. I had tartare sauce on the side, which definitely tasted homemade - always a win! The dish also came with a Cabbage Slaw which we all noted had a definite Japanese influence. It complimented the fish really well though and was a much nicer addition than a regular 'slaw side. The Chips were also super tasty, and were just the right ratio of crispy and fluffy.

Because I was clearly not full enough after that, I had Ice Cream. Don't judge...

If Salted Caramel is on the menu I can't really ignore it. Its becoming a problem really! They also had Cornflake Ice Cream which Will and Bastien tried - it was strange, like a thick breakfast shake... I'm not selling it well, but it really was nice! Very much an acquired taste I'd imagine though.

Finally, we had a few beers in the bar next door and I had the very brilliantly named:

Yep. Wu Gang Chops The Tree. Brilliantly named if you ask me, and it was really tasty! For some reason Fish and Chips always brings out the beer drinker in me!

If you're in the South East London area definitely give Maddy's a try. Not only is it really good food, but its Fish and Chips in London that actually won't break the bank! Crazy I know.



  1. Yumm, I haven't eaten meat/fish in like three years but I think fish & chips is the thing that always makes me want to break. This looks so delicious!

    1. Oh wow, i'm impressed! I couldn't go that long without! It was super tasty :) Xx