Hair Refresh.

14 Jul 2014

From this:

To This:

My hair has been in dire need of a refresh for months now, so I was superrr excited to finally have it done on the weekend! I went to Colour Nation just off of Oxford Street and had a lovely relaxing afternoon.

At the moment I seem to be salon-hopping in my quest to find the perfect salon for me. ColourNation isn't perfect location wise and was at the top end of my budget, but I did love the cut and colour I got there. Even the boyfriend said it was the best cut I'd had a in a while - high praise let me tell you!

I actually went in asking for a refresh of my ombré. Only to be told that because of how subtle the graduation in colour is in my hair, what I really have is balayage. Aside from being hard to say, I'm okay with that! I've always been very fearful of having an obvious split of the colours in my hair, so if balayage means 'more natural' then I'm all for it!

I had Senior Stylist Kristina working on my hair and aside from being really lovely, she really listened to what I wanted and checked every step of the way if it was all okay. Thats something I haven't really found before. Usually you have a brief consultation at the start, and thats it. You're left at the mercy of their hands!

I wanted the colour to stay quite ashy rather than a bright 'in your face' kind of blond, so she added a toner whilst washing my hair. Cut wise I didn't have anything drastic, just a trim off the ends and a bit of layering to frame my face more.

I realise the pictures above don't make my hair look toooo different, but I really just wanted a refresh of what I already had. The ends of my hair look so damaged in the top picture, so I'm soo glad I've had that all chopped off now! I also am a little windswept in the 'after' pictures, but I wanted to show you it fresh from the salon!

What do you think? :)



  1. I think your hair cut is gorgeous, and I love your dress too!

  2. Very pretty, the curls are adorable! It's always lovely to get a wee change to your hair :)

    1. I do always love a good pamper :)! Xxx