Date Night: Ping Pong

6 Jul 2014

After stating that Craig and myself were going to establish a weekly date night, we have royally failed. I won't lie to you. We seem to have been ridiculously busy for the past month or so and have only managed to have date number two this week! Oops!

This time around it wasn't a fancy pop-up, but a favourite haunt. Ping Pong is known for its amazing dim sum, cocktails and chinese tea. They have quite a few locations around London, but last week we visited the St. Paul's spot!

As you may be able to tell by the quantity of food in the pictures, we totally gorged ourselves! I have to say though, in defence - dim sum is quite small...!

I might also add that dim sum definitely doesn't photograph well, so even if you're thinking 'that literally all looks disgusting' please do try it! It definitely tastes 100xtimes better than it looks.

Myself and Craig both loveee seafood, so we chose literally everything with prawns, scallop and crab in, but they do have a pretty varied menu. My favourite had to be the brilliantly named "crispy prawn ball". Also, how cool was my flaming passion fruit cocktail?! I won't lie though, it was ratherrrr alcoholic!

We finished off the evening with a glass of wine overlooking the Thames. All in all, it was a delightful evening! Hopefully our next date night won't be too far apart this time!


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