A Summer Wedding.

29 Jul 2014

Last Saturday was Craig's brothers wedding on quite possibly the hottest day of the year. We spent about five days down in West Sussex before the big day, so stay tuned for some more picture-postcard posts this week!

I didn't take many photos of the actual day as I really wanted to just enjoy it, and their photographers took about 2000 anyway and thats enough pictures for anyone! It was a really traditional ceremony set in a beautiful church right on the harbour. I can't wait to see what their pictures look like!

It was a very British affair with a Pimms and G&T reception, and a Cheese Cake as well as a proper tiered cake. And when I say Cheese Cake, I mean savoury - layers of crumbly lancashire, smoked lancashire, gorgonzola and more. Definitely my kind of wedding! Unfortunately the proper cake only had about 5 minutes of glory before it was returned to the fridge as it was so hot the icing was literally melting off it.

As it was so hot they had an ice cream van on standby by the waters edge which was a godsend! Though it did just make me jealous of anyone actually in the water! The evening consisted of many drinks, a lot of cake and cheese (oops), a Ceidlh which me and Craig actually participated in despite the heat and a sweetie table which was crowded with adults and kids alike!

It was a such a good day and was lovely to see how happy the newly married couple were! I also definitely enjoyed seeing Craig all dressed up - there really is something about a Top Hat and Tails that makes men look so lovely.

Let me know if you're going to any summer weddings this year!



  1. Sounds absolutely lovely, the cheese cake sounds amazing! Yous are such an adorable couple. ^_^ xx

    1. It literally was! Awh thank youu :) Xxx