A weekend in Thornton Village.

20 Jul 2014

Two weekends ago Craig and myself went to stay with his family in his childhood home of Thornton. Thornton is a little village within Bradford and as you can see from the photo above, looks beautiful in the summer sun.

Whilst there we saw the start of the Tour de France in a village called Addingham, which was definitely an experience! I don't think I've ever seen so many cyclists going past at such speed! There was also the rather alarming and amusing moment where the sponsers drove past, including a Yorkshire Tea van that threw boxes of tea from their vans at about 40mph. A lady near us quite literally had tea in the face...!

We found a waterfall type area in Addingham, and saw many horses in Thornton, including a foal which caused the 5 year old in me to squeal with glee! We ended it all with a super yummy Roast, a tradition that I feel you couldn't leave Yorkshire without partaking in!

As a confessed Londoner, I've always loved the countryside and was quite in awe of what a beautiful place Craig grew up in! Though I think the sun shining over the fields may have slightly helped my love for it, I hope you enjoy all the pictures.


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  1. Awh that looks gorgeous! Nice place to stay for a few days and get away from everything I'd say :)