A Ring Obsession.

18 Apr 2014

A bit of a different post from me today and not one I thought I'd ever write! I've never really been a 'ring' person, but recently I noticed myself always gravitating towards the rings in jewelry sections. I eventually bought two different sets from H&M and I literally can't stop wearing them! I'm a total ring convert.

Rose Gold is definitely my favourite shade when it comes to jewelry at the moment too and I think it looks even nicer on rings. The only issue I do have with rings is the sizing! I feel like I have in-betweeny fngers with the medium being a tadge on the tight side and the large leaving me fearing the ring will just slip off my finger! But perhaps that's just H&M sizes? Do different shops have different sizes?? I feel so out of the ring loop!

I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about midi rings though! I feel like they might just make my fingers look super fat, as if I couldn't get the ring on the whole way! But who knows, maybe I'll be converted to those too soon! What's your take? Are you a ring person?

I hope you all enjoy the bank holiday weekend! :)



  1. Oh Aimie doll I too have odd fingers, half way between medium and large, hence why I very rarely wear rings... and now have ring envy :(
    NEED SOME RINGSSSS hahahaa...

    Holly Mixtures

    1. Hahaha, buyyyyyy! I'm like obsessed with them now! I just suffer the rings cutting off the circulation to my fingertips! :P xxx

  2. Well I am a non jewelry person. But the past month I have been wearing necklaces and looking for new bracelets and rings ! I have found a few sets I like on h and m but again I worry about the sizing ! Guess I will just have to try them. I love the colour Rose gold although I wouldn't wear it myself
    Eb x

    1. It really is so tricky getting the right size! H&M is a good place to find some lovely jewellery though :) Xx