One Week, 6 till 9.

20 Apr 2014

After reading Cider With Rosie's Hour by Hour post a few weeks back, I felt inspired to create my own post showing 'normal' daily life through pictures. I decided instead to do it across a week and originally I planned to take a photo at 7.30pm every day. As you can see that didn't work from the off! Oops! Instead it turned into a picture between 6pm and 9pm. I'm still happy with it.

Saturday at 8.57 saw myself and my sister Katie tucking into the White Chocolate and Macadamia Nut Pie that we'd made earlier in the day. It was well worth the wait. Cut to Sunday at 6.15 and Craig and myself were being serenaded by the cast of Les Miserables in Covent Garden. I will never not enjoy One Day More.

Monday at 7.01 was a more sedate affair, and was spent reading the Evening Standard on the train home from work. I took a picture of this particular article about a London Marathon runner who proposed to his girlfriend just before he ran over the finishing line! So sweet, I had to send it to Katie. Tuesday was the only day I actually took the picture at bang on 7.30 - go me! This was me tucking into a yummy Hairy Dieters inspired dinner from mum!

Wednesday at 8.43 was a rather later dinner at the boys flat. The cheeky glass of wine was a pre-birthday celebration - totally acceptable right? My birthday was celebrated on Thursday with a slice of Ginger cake at 8.29 made by my lovely mother.

Friday at 7.53 shows yet more food consumed! Oops! Beer Can Chicken courtesy of one of my lovely best friends Joe! He made wedges and coleslaw with it too and it was sooo good. :) Saturday at 6.26 brings us to the present and me writing this exact post now! I've been watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on TV whilst I write, which has led to me getting distracted half the time! They all just look so young and cute!!

I quite enjoyed creating this post, so I hope you liked reading it! :)



  1. Ohhhh this is such a fab idea for a post!! I'm saying this now but I might actually try and do this!! Although on a regular week, (not being this week as I'm off work) Mon-Thurs at 7.30pm, (and Friday too if it was one hour earlier) would allll be gym related pictures lmaoooo...such an exciting life I lead ;)

    I'm loving the food related pictures, particularly the chicken mmmm...I'm at Nando's tomorrow evening and it's making me feel READY!!

    Holly Mixtures

    1. :D Thank you Holly!! Haha, you should totes do it anyway! We could see your 'gym evolution' throughout the week ;)

      Ahhhh jealous of your Nando's now!!! Xxx

  2. This is a gem of a post! I love all these wee insights into other people's lives...I'm so nosy haha! xx

    1. Haha, me tooo!!! Glad you enjoyed it though :) Xxx