Review | Emma Hardie AM/PM Treatment Moisturiser

11 Apr 2014

All hail to the most decadent moisturiser to have ever graced my skincare stash. It's definitely one of the most high-end products I've ever splurged on but as I've found out, totally lives up to expectation. I spoke about this briefly last week in my Mini Space NK Haul but I thought it definitely deserved its own starring review.

The Emma Hardie AM/PM Treatment Moisturiser is part of the Amazing Face collection and promises to leave you with hydrated, supple and glowing skin. As it states, it can be used as a day and night cream but I generally only use it at night as I find it a bit too thick for the morning. Also, I'm just lazy and my Effaclar Duo+ doubles up as my morning moisturiser and primer - so I'd rather use that!

I've been using it every night (near enough!) for a month now and I've really noticed a difference! My skin feels really soft and I've noticed it looks a lot healthier too. Also, the few days in which I haven't used the moisturiser I've really noticed my skin feeling the loss! I'll get really bad dry patches that'll clear up as soon as I start using the moisturiser again. Brilliant news for the moisturiser, but perhaps not so much for my bank balance if I start to rely on it!

The actual consistency of the moisturiser feels soo luxurious, really creamy and thick. It does take a little longer to sink into my skin than other moisturisers I've used but not so long that it gets annoying. I only use two small fingertip amounts on each application, so I've hardly used any of the tub in the whole month! I'll definitely get the most out of my money.

Finally, my favourite aspect (other than the amazing effects!) is the gorgeous scent of the moisturiser!! Lavender, Geranium and Peppermint essential oils make up the scent and literally it smells sooo damn good. I am a real lover of peppermint anyway, it just feels so refreshing on the skin. Its definitely my favourite skincare smell!

All in all, this may be pricey but so far I am most definitely one happy camper and it's definitely going to stay apart of my everyday routine for a long while now. Have you tried any of the Emma Hardie range?


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