Weekly Highlights. #18

5 Apr 2014

L-R: Beer for two at Union Jacks, FOTD, Lunchtime View, Super tasty food at Union Jacks, New York recipe book that I REALLY want, the Golden Hinde Ship, Cheesecake Brownies, Pretty work. 
This week has been a really good one and I think the Sun being out in full force has definitely helped that! I started my new job, had a yummy meal with Craig and made Cheesecake Brownies. Winning if I do say so myself!

My three highlights are:

1. Mothers Day last Sunday was spent with my whole family having a yummy mezze style lunch at my sisters flat. Its always lovely when we get a chance to all spend time together, and Katie made a SUPER yummy Lemon Victoria Sponge too!

2. On Monday me and Craig went to Union Jacks in Covent Garden and had a super yummy late lunch. I was super HANGRY by the time we ate so I was glad that it was worth it! I went for the very traditional choice of Fish and Chips which were lovely buttt I had total menu choice envy because Craig's pizza was AMAZING. I want to go back purely to have it myself! We didn't have pudding, but I did see that you could have Earl Grey and Biscuits ice cream! Say whaa? I totally want to try that too.

3. Finally, I started my new job this week which was superr exciting!! What I also loved was working near the Thames means that I have some lovely lunchtime spots to choose from. It's been beautifully sunny all week, so it's been really nice to eat my lunch with a pretty view to boot.

What's been your favourite part of your week?