An Update.

29 Apr 2014

Last weekend was a very lovely one, but a very busy one! Which meant that I didn't have a chance to write either of my weekend posts or take any photos for this week. Sad Aimee. :( So instead, I thought I'd write a little update as life has been changing quite a lot for me recently.

On the first of this month I begun a new job which has quite literally made the weeks fly by! I can't believe it'll be May this week! I'm loving the job though and everyone I work with is really lovely. I've definitely been a happy bunny this month! Starting this job has also meant that I've finally been able to seriously plan my move to live with Craig, Joe and Will. If it all works out I should be moving in the second weekend of May which is superrrrrrr exciting! Me and Craig spent Sunday rearranging our room with some new Ikea bits which was fun, its starting to look really pretty. This move has also given me an excuse to finally buy some Muji storage for my make-up! I'm beyond excited to have everything stored neatly in it!

Turning 23 this month has also been a slight turning point for me. I didn't really have a great time at 22 and I feel like it was almost a wasted year. But 23 has brought new hope and excitement back into my life and I'm really looking forward to the months and years ahead.

I've also realised that I'm a complete sap as half way through writing this I stopped to sob at One Born Every Minute. Oh dear.



  1. Aw I'm so glad you're having a good time being 23! I feel a bit the same, 19 and 20 were a bit sucky for me but I've a good feeling about 21 ;)

    And don't worry about sobbing through One's the people who don't cry watching it that I'd worry about haha!

    1. Yay, here's to us both having an awesome year then!! :)!

      Hahah, that is so true!! Xxx