Weekly Highlights. #9

18 Jan 2014

L-R: Lunch with Grandad, Viennese Whirls for Amy, Hannah and Me, Celebratory Wine, Prawn Salad lunch, Laptop time, Post Flat viewing coffee, homemade Guacamole
From the pictures above this week seems to have revolved around food! Its been quite a busy week, hence why I don't have many photos but full of quite exciting things! My highlights this week are:

1. The biggest news of my week came on Monday when myself, my boyfriend and two of our best friends Joe and Will put in an offer on a flat which was accepted!! Its a beautiful flat, in a really great location and I can't WAIT to be living with the boys again. I'm actually moving in later than the boys, but a few months down the line I'm sure I'll update you again once I've moved! YAY!

2. Second is seeing one of my best friends from University on Saturday for a 'sensory music experience'. Hannah had free tickets to a really interesting event, where a string quartet played Debussy's string quartet in G Minor whilst we were blindfolded (sounds creepy but I promise it wasn't!) and experienced different touches, tastes and smells. As we were blindfolded our other senses were extremely heightened and the music felt really powerful. It was a great event and the copious amounts of free wine after didn't hurt!

3. Finally, I've spent quite a bit of time with my Grandad this week whilst my Nan has been in hospital. We watched the snooker, Pointless and ate sandwiches cut into little squares which reminded me of when I was little. Its times like this that I realise how lucky I am to still have my grandparents in my life. Especially such witty and funny ones at that!

What've been your highlights this week? :)


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