My 2013 Hair Favourites.

5 Jan 2014

Aside from having my fringe cut in in 2012, I've never done anything drastic to my hair. So the decision to have my hair ombréd last summer was a big one in Aimée-land. That being said, I'm sooo glad I did. I love how my hair looks now, even if the Ombré look is rather common these days! I do wonder whether I'll still love it when I look back on pictures years down the line though!

With that being said however, I've always been interested in haircare. Before I started blogging it was definitely the beauty product that I'd spend the most money on. After all, it is something you 'wear' everyday! Although I probably spend more on make-up now, I still take good care of my hair and love trying new products. The six favourites I've chosen are products I use almost every day. I love my hair routine at the moment, and my hair is definitely reaping the benefits of the good products I've been using.

First up, is the TIGI S-Factor Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner. I don't really know how I survived before using this set because it really has done wonders for my hair. Both the shampoo and conditioner smell really gorgeously of strawberries and the texture feels so luxurious. You only need a few pumps of each product as it distributes really well, and buying them both in 750ml bottles means they last for months on end. My hair always feels so nourished and soft after using them. Read my full review here.

Secondly, another TIGI S-Factor product! I really am in love with the S-Factor range! The Smoothing Lusterizer leaves my hair feeling silky smooth and soft. Like the shampoo and conditioner, this also smells of strawberries which ensures your hair smells yummy all day long! I use a pea sized amount in my hair straight after washing it, concentrating the product on the ends. You can also use this on dry hair, which is great to revive 'second day' hair!

Thirdly, is my last TIGI S-Factor product! This time in the form of an overnight treatment! The Wonderful Tonight treatment is a serumy/cream type consistency that I run through my hair before going to sleep. The next morning, after washing my hair I'm left with smooth, silky hair! It really is as simple as that! I only use the treatment once a week, as the effects last quite a while in my hair. In my eyes it gives me that feeling of 'fresh' hair, as if I've just had a wash and blow-dry in the hairdressers! Just with a fraction of the price. Read my full review here.

Onto more of a styling product now, and an old love of mine. For a couple of years now I've loved using a Sea Salt Spray to create beachy waves in my hair. I've tried quite a few over the years but nothing beats the Toni and Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray. It doesn't leave my hair sticky or hard to manage, just creates really nice natural looking waves. You can use the spray on both wet and dry hair too, which gives you freedom for styling. Read my full review here.

Lastly, is the Aussie Hi-Hold + Hi-Shine Hairspray. I'm quite picky about hairsprays as I hate the clinical smell that most of them have. So when I tried the Aussie hairspray on a whim, I was pleasantly surprised that for once I actually liked the smell of the hairspray as it smells really fresh! It gives great hold all day, and does give my hair a nice shine. Importantly its also easy to brush out, and doesn't leave you feeling like you're pulling out half your head when trying to brush through it.

So there we have it! My 2013 Hair Favourites. I think I've definitely proved my love for TIGI in this post! Maybe I'll attempt to branch out a little more next year, but for now I'm definitely happy with my haircare routine. What are your favourite hair products of 2013? :)


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