Love At First Use. #2

7 Jan 2014

I posted the first 'Love At First Use' post a couple of weeks ago, and as it seemed to go down really well I thought I'd do another! :) This time around I have one Christmas present to share and two skincare products! :)

First up is the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, a firm favorite in the blogging community. I've been using and loving the No. 7 Hot Cloth Cleanser for many months now, but as it recently run out and I was in need of buying more muslin cloths after my Dad decided to use mine to clean up his grouting work on our bathroom tiles....don't ask. I decided to finally try the famed Cleanse and Polish as I could buy the Starter Kit which came with two cloths! Obviously, surprise surprise - I bloody love it. The cream feels so luxurious on my skin and smells amazing too! I'm left with soft clear skin and I love how fresh and clean I feel too. Also, I love the size of the muslin cloths, they're a lot larger than most you can buy!

Secondly, is the rightfully named 'Greatest Scrub of All' by Soap and Glory. I'm a big lover of Soap and Glory products and this is definitely the best face wash I've tried in a long time. Although this has beads in that scrub your skin, its not painful like so many facial scrubs, it just gives a pleasant tingle instead. Weirdly, I describe this as if its a toothpaste for the face. It smells really minty, is white in colour and leaves me feeling thoroughly scrubbed! Possibly not the best analogy, but I love it.

Lastly, is the Nars At First Sight Palette. This was a Christmas present from my mum and dad, and I literally love it. I've wanted a Nars Palette for so long, so to actually have one in my possession is super exciting! The blush is Deep Throat, and the bronzer the famed Laguna. Both are so beautiful on the skin, I've worn them practically every day since I got this! The eyeshadows are so pigmented and creamy and they blend so well. You can't buy any of the eyeshadows individually, but they all come from duo's. From Top Left, to Bottom Right they are from: All About Eve, Nouveau Monde, Bellissima and Cordura (II). The palette is so handy for travelling, especially with the giant mirror. Its Love.

What products are you obsessed with at the moment? :)



  1. I'm big fan of Liz Earle's cleanse and polish - it feels amazing and is great for sensitive and dry skin types (:

    1. I totally agree, I'm so in love with it. It makes my skin feel amazing :) Xx

  2. What is with dad's and muslin cloths? I hang mine over the handle of the shower screen to dry after I've used it and one day I went in the bathroom after dad had been in the bath and found it in the floor in the corner of the room. I asked him why my cloth was on the floor and his response was 'Oh, I thought it was a floor cloth!' :)

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. Hahahaha, this seriously made me laugh! They clearly just do not understand the idea behind the muslin cloth! Xx