Weekly Highlights. #10

25 Jan 2014

L-R: Bath night, Me and Amy, Amazing Jerk Steak, Amy and her Birthday Cake, Amy's Birthday Cake I made, New Forest Horse, Yummy Mackerel lunch, Homemade Tea Loaf, Me and Ianthe, Tasty Tea, Homemade Tea Cakes. 
This week has felt rather busy! Its been full of fun friend times though and ALL of the baking!! The best kind of week in my eyes. This week has also gone supremely fast! I can't believe today is a month since Christmas, right about now I'm sure I was in a food coma trying to recover on the sofa. Today however, I'm watching the appalling weather outside and dreading the fact that I have to go out in it tonight! :/

My three highlights this week are:

1. Last weekend, myself and a friend went to stay with our best friend Amy in Southampton. We did a lot of drinking, and a lot of eating...but it was really nice to get away and see her. We also drove to the New Forest and got to stroke loads of ponies and horses which was super fun! I've loved horses ever since I was a child, so seeing wild horses was wayyy too exciting for me!

2. This week I spent a lovely few days baking with Craig. We made Tea Cakes for the first time, which was a challenge but was so worth it. They tasted amazing, and definitely better than shop bought! 

3. Finally, just a little thing. But on Tuesday night, I decided to use up my last Christmas bath bomb from Lush. It was the Golden Wonder, which gave off a beautiful scent and made my skin feel amazingly soft. I really enjoyed relaxing and treating myself. Sometimes you need to give yourself a pamper I think!

What've been your highlights this week? :)



  1. The birthday cake looks amazing hehe.

    Shauni Brown

  2. I know ! Looks so yummy !

    Eb x