Weekly Highlights. #3

23 Nov 2013

L-R: Costa Snowman Coffee, Homemade Chocolate Tart for a dinner party, Homemade Advent Calenders, Happy with Mulled Wine, Crafting fun with my sister Katie, Christmas Tree crumpets, Katie and a handmade Robin bauble, Bens Cookies treat, Covent Garden looking festive, Crafting with Katie, Lunch at Le Pain. 
To sum up the last week in one word? Festive! I spent a Christmas crafting weekend with my sister, had my first mulled wine and ate a Christmas tree shaped crumpet. Christmas is officially here and I couldn't be happier! But here are my three highlights:

1. My sister may only live around a 25minute drive away but spending quality time together can sometimes be few and far between. So last weekend I packed up a bag and spent a long weekend crafting for Christmas, eating far too many mince pies and watching copious Christmas films with her. Christmas jumpers were well and truly on and it was lovely. :)

2. On Thursday I met up with one of my best friends from University, Hannah. We hadn't seen each other since we went to Bestival together back in September so it was really great to catch up. We had Christmas Coffee and bought amazingly cosy scarfs. An evening well spent I say!

3. Finally, my last highlight is coming home from my sisters to find that my mum had been doing some Christmas 'crafting' of her own. She had made me and my sister giant advent calenders and filled it ready with different treats. It was such a lovely gesture and I've since found out that she began it back in September! Me and my sister are lucky daughters! :)

So that's been my week, how've your weeks been?



  1. Those advent callendars your mum made sound awesome! Gotta love mums :)


  2. I love that your Mum made your advent calendars - it's so cute! x


  3. Hii I stumbled across your blog from SprinkleOfGlitter :) looks like you had a festive filled week! Love that your mum made you advent calendars thats soo cute :) I look forward to reading your posts! xxx
    Being Becca

    1. Glad to have you over here! :) It was so sweet of her!! :) Xxx