Cheeky Christmas Lush Haul!

8 Nov 2013

With all the beauty vloggers videos of Lush Hauls at the moment I think its an impressive feat that A. I only bought 3 bath bombs and B. I resisted this long!! I mean really, what are they trying to do to my bank balance?! So with that in mind I thought I'd tempt you lovely readers into breaking open the money bank like I did!

Lush does Christmas products SO well in my eyes. Who can resist a cute penguin? Or a present with an ACTUAL surprise inside?! Its beyond me!

So after much deliberation and smelling so many different products I struggled to differentiate anything at all! I settled on:

With its cute little face, and orange blossom and Sicilian lemon scent I think it would've been a crime to leave The Christmas Penguin on the shelf. The penguins are based on the 'little penguins' found on Philips Island, Australia which are the smallest in the world!! So cute. It is apparently a good bubble bar for fans of The Olive Branch shower gel, but as I've never used it I can't say if I agree. As a bubble bar you're guaranteed mountains of bubbles, as it is essentially a bubble bath in solid form! Now I've just got to pluck up the courage to crumble his little face up in my bath....wish me luck?

I am ratherrrrrr obsessed with my Mint Julips Lip Scrub. So when I saw that Santa's Christmas version was on the shelves I had to at least inspect it! And once inspected, the justification that I needed scrub for home and one for handbag seemed logical and obvious. Right? The fact that the scrub is red and has tiny hearts in it is a winner in my eyes! The only downside to it is that its Cola flavoured, although still nice I'd much rather it of been something more christmassy like cinnamon. But, the wonderous softening effects still work so I'm a happy camper!

Cinders may not be the most exciting of Bath Bombs, considering I didn't purchase the melting snowman! But, I love the smell of Cinnamon and it makes me feel so christmassy I couldn't pass it up! There is also a scattering of popping candle to evoke the 'by the fireside' feelings! This is the only bath bomb from my collection that I've used so far and it was so lovely. I felt super relaxed, and it made my skin feel so soft. The smell was amazing in my bathroom too!

Finally, is the ultimate in Christmas bath bombs, The Golden Wonder! A glittery present, with a turquoise present inside loaded with stars! I am SO excited to try this one out. I'm saving it for a special occasion, when a long bath is all that will soothe me. It smells of champagne, orange, lime and cognac oil and is apparently the scent of Snowshowers Shower Jelly. I'll definitely let you know how I get on with this particular bomb. :)

I'm sure I'll be back in Lush before the Christmas products are gone for another year, but for now these have definitely given me enough excitement for a while. Have you bought any of the Christmas range??



  1. I've seen the bath bomb The golden Wonder in my Lush shop and i love it :) Bath bomb are my favourits things in Lush :)
    xxx Laura

    1. They're my favourite things from Lush too! I so can't wait to use the Golden Wonder! :) Xx

  2. I've never tried lush products, the penguin is so cute :)

    1. You definitely should take the plunge! They're so good! :) Xx

  3. I've popped Cinders on my xmas list and am definitely getting Golden Wonder for my sister! Has anyone else noticed that it rattles? Haha xx