DIY Christmas: Christmas Pudding Bauble

17 Nov 2013

Me and my best friend have our own Christmas tradition that we've kept up for a few years now. We exchange a Christmas decoration and this year I decided to make mine from scratch! I did actually make the decoration last year too, but it was nothing on the scale of this DIY. I'm so happy with how it turned out, so I thought I'd share the process with you in time for any Christmas crafting of your own! :)

First up you'll need to cut a square out of the brown felt, big enough to make a make-shift parcel (1). Next, you'll need to find a capable crafting partner (2) who can then help you do the hard bits! ...well that is, if you struggle with crafting like I do! ;) The technique for moulding the brown felt to the polystyrene ball is essentially cutting off the pleats (3) and then a lot of smoothing upwards whilst pinning down with small-headed pins (4).

After a bit of maneuvering you'll be left with the bottom half of your Christmas pudding (5). Then you need to start making the 'icing' using the sheet of white felt. The shape that you make your 'icing' is all dependent on where the pleats are on the bottom half of your bauble. To create the nicest finish, you can create longer 'icing' drips to hide the bigger pleats. I found creating a template first from paper helped as you can work out which shape is best for you (6). Once you've found the best shape, cut it out of the white felt ready to use. For added decoration you can then sew the white beads onto the edges of the white felt in any pattern you like (7). I think randomly dotting them works well though, as it gives it more of a home-made feel.

So the bauble can hang, you will then need to attach some string, or ribbon if you want it to look extra pretty through the middle of the white felt (8). I attached it by making a knot in the ribbon, creating a small hole in the felt and then poking the ribbon through. I then super-glued this into place. The next step is the most time consuming, as you need to attach the white felt to the top of the polystyrene ball. I affixed the upper part of the white felt with super glue, and then sewed around the edges to make pleats in the felt (9).

Next you will need to cut out three leaves from the green felt, again I made a template first so they were all symmetrical (10). I then attached these to the top of the bauble with super glue (11), and finally added on the fuzzy red pom poms again with super glue.

Voila! One super cute handmade Christmas Pudding Bauble! I think these make such a lovely gift and are a lot cheaper than buying one ready made! Also, who doesn't enjoy receiving something handmade? :)

I hope you liked this Christmassy DIY tutorial! I'm going to be posting a different Christmas craft post every Sunday in the build up to Christmas. :)



  1. These are so cute! Very creative! xx

  2. It's so cute ;) It's a good idea for decorate my Christmas tree ;)

  3. Ohmigosh! This is adorable. I know Christmas is over but I'm on a bit of a January low so I think I'm going to make this! I have heaps of Styrofoam balls leftover from other craft projects too. Xo