Weekly Highlights. #1

9 Nov 2013

L-R: Billy Elliot at the Theatre, my first Red Cup this year, Reindeer in Covent Garden, Katie with the Chocolate Cookies, my curled hair, Coq Au Vin, the School of Grazia talk, myself and Katie when we were children, Cloudy Lemonade at Jamie's Diner, amazing Chicken at Jamie's Diner
Now I'm not one for a public sob story, but for the past few months the 'job' aspect to my life has not been a happy one. Without going into details I've realised that because this side to my life has been dragging my mood down, its also been dampening my mood in all aspects of life. Now not to sound cliché, but life is brilliant! And I don't want to be negative, when realistically so many parts of my life are still wonderful at the moment.

So with that in mind, I wanted to recognise the good in my week so that when I'm feeling a little down I can look back and put things into perspective. I would say YOLO, but I'm not cool enough to make that sound ironic. So here are my three highlights of the week:

1. My Dad's Birthday last Saturday turned into a lovely baking day for me and my sister Katie (check out her blog here). We made English muffins, amazing chocolate cookies and Coq Au Vin for dinner. <3

2. Recently money has been quite tight, but my lovely boyfriend (check out his blog here) has treated me to far too many yummy dinners. We found the best Cloudy Lemonade in Jamie's Diner this week. <3

3. Lastly, I attended the School of Grazia Blogging talk on Monday with Essie Button, Lily Pebbles and Fleur De Force speaking. It was really interesting, and I managed to make a new blogging friend, check out her lovely blog InSamazement here

What've been your highlights this week? :)


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