My (Never Gonna Happen!) Christmas Wishlist.

29 Nov 2013

I quite literally am always lusting over something and the thought of Christmas sends my brain into overdrive. My brain also seems to have ratherrr expensive taste, which sadly doesn't correspond with the reality of my bank account. So, instead of showing you the delightful things I've bought, I am instead showing you a wishlist of items that I can only hope to have in my dreams! And what a wonderful dream it would be!

My ultimate Designer handbag lust is the Micheal Kors Selma Satchel. However this above is quite literally the cutest thing ever as it is essentially a mini version! Entitled the Selma Studded Messenger Bag (1), it is firmly placed in my dream accessories drawer. I'm definitely a 'big' bag lover, so when it comes to evening bags I pretty much always use the same boring satchel so I'd absolutely loveeee to have this for the evenings! With such a neutral colour it'd look lovely with so many outfits and the studs give it a really good edge.

My laptop has been dead for a while and the past few months I've been borrowing stealing my Mum's. I so want my own laptop back, and I'd absolutely love a Macbook (2) to take its place! They are just the best in my eyes, and Windows just doesn't quite cut it anymore!

Any Made In Chelsea fans reading?? If so you might recognise the beautiful outfit as one of Sophie Hermann's creations. She's not a regular on MIC, but a firm friend of proper poshies Mark Francis and Victoria. She wore this outfit in a recent episode and I literally fell in love!! Its actually a bodysuit and skirt (3) together, but I think its beautiful. The structured neckline and padded statement shoulders pairs so well with the skater style skirt. The burgundy colour is so festive too!

One of my favourite designers ever ever is Rob Ryan. All his creations are so beautiful and whimsical, so when I saw that'd he collaborated with Tatty Devine I was seriously excited. I couldn't choose between these two rings as my favourite piece so I included them both. They're both 18-carot rose gold plated rings (4) with beautifully intricate designs. The Forever Love ring is such a lovely message and the Crown of Hearts ring reminds me of a fairytale crown. I absolutely adore them!!

Oh Laura Mercier. Be still my beating heart! What I would give to buy all of the things from the brand, but suffice to say its all a tadge too expensive at the moment! I've heard so much about the Body Souffles (5) that I couldn't not include them on my list! Just the word Souffle sounds invigorating and moisturising. I'd love to try the Créme de Pistache scent.

Lastly, the Nars At First Sight palette. One day I will own a Nars palette, but for now I shall just lust after them! The combination of shades in this palette is just so lovely, I know I'd get so much use out of it. Its also just so great for travelling, which is really handy as I spend a few nights a week at my boyfriends.

What 's on your 'never gonna happen' wishlist?? :)



  1. I really want a new Macbook as well! I have a nice iMac but I find myself really needing a laptop more these days. Hopefully one day soon....

  2. I love the Michael Kors bag! I recently bought a mac book and it's amazing, it's so handy, fast and easy to work with :)
    Lisa xx

  3. I love your list! I have ridiculously lavish taste too, and my I totally agree with you on the macbook. My laptop barely logs on without sputtering. One day! :)