Review: Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in 16

12 Nov 2013

About a month ago when visiting my friend Charlotte in Hull I made a cheeky lipstick purchase in Boots! Rimmel really are producing great lip products at the moment and the Kate Moss collection has some amazing lipsticks. I'd never really heard anything about number 16 (I so wish they had real names!) in the collection but I was on the hunt for an everyday shade so I picked it up to swatch anyway and totally fell in love. It is more pink than I originally wanted as I was looking for more of a nude shade but I think it is still really flattering for everyday wear.

The formulation is lovely and creamy, and is kind of 'mediumly' pigmented if that makes any sense? One swipe will do you fine, but its definitely build-able to create a more intense colour. I find rubbing my lips together after applications gives a really nice smooth finish to the lipstick too.

Lasting power is pretty good, at least 3-4 hours or so. Although the lipstick does sometimes have a tendency to collect at the corners of your mouth, so its best to take it off completely and re-apply rather than just top up.

Generally I do really enjoy wearing this! The shade is really flattering and great if you like a more subtle shade in the evening. The packaging is also really lovely and at £5.49 its a pretty bargain!

Have you tried any other Kate Moss lipsticks? (Aside from 107 obviously...;)!)



  1. This is a beautiful shade. I really love the Kate Moss line, they are definitely my favourite lipsticks at the minute x


    1. There is some seriously great shades in the line :) Xx

  2. I really like this shade. It looks so smooth as well. I need to get my hands on one of these!