DIY Friend/Family Voucher

13 Oct 2013

My mother likes to pester. In fact, she loves to pester and being the only daughter still living at home means I'm her prime target. So when I'm trying to quietly watch TV, she's constantly trying to get my attention by any means possible! Anyone else noticed that the older people get the more they revert into being a child?

Anyway, as it was my mum's birthday recently I thought as a bit of a joke I'd give her a 'voucher' to pester me - a bit like those friend voucher/cheque books you could get as a kid. Anyone remember those? I clearly didn't think this through though as I didn't include any Terms and Conditions and now my mum thinks she has the right to pester me all the time, rather than just on her birthday! Damn it!

The voucher was really easy to make, I just used Picmonkey and Paint and ended up with this template!

I then printed this onto blue card, and cut out the grey edges to leave a 'voucher' shape and wrote on the dotted line.

You could write literally anything on the voucher and use it for any occasion! So with that in mind I've attached a download link of a plain voucher for you to customise. Just open the download in any photo editing software (or use Picmonkey online!) and add your own text.

Download here.

I hope you enjoy using this little craft!



  1. such a cute idea, it actually looks a bit like the sort of tickets you'd get at a carnival or an old cinema ticket. It looks lovely!


    1. Yay! I'm glad you think so! That was the sort of vintage look I was going for :) Xx

  2. hahaha I love this idea! I like your blog, I've just discovered it and I want to read at least 5 other posts which seem interesting to me already! Love it! Definitly a new follower! :D

    1. Awh thank you so much :) Glad you liked it! Xx