A HULLiday away!

27 Oct 2013

Last week I went to Hull on Hulliday....see what I did there?! (I was farr too proud when I thought of that pun!) I stayed with one of my very best friends Charlotte, who I spent my American summer with (see post here!) two years ago. Although we speak to each other all the time, life does get in the way and this year we seem to have been the busiest of bee's and haven't seen each other in a whole 10 months!! Needless to say I was beyond excited to see her! We didn't get up to a crazy amount as we had some serious catching up to do! But I thought I'd share with you a few of the snaps we took - as you might be able to tell, we do rather enjoy a good selfie. ;)

Whilst I was there we did partake in a Hull tradition of the Fair! I definitely think London is missing out, as our funfair's are nothing like Hull's! It was superrr fun! Even if I did flash everyone in the city whilst on the Waltzer....Note to self? Don't wear a dress to a funfair!! I also partook in the traditional Wrights Brandy Snaps which are yummmyyyy!! I now have them on my list of things to make! :)

We ate lots of yummy food, including amazing tapas where we totally ordered with our bellies and not our eyes! We sang rather a lot of One Direction, browsed cute Vintagey shops, got too excited by Christmas decorations and made a few cheeky purchases in Topshop! Ooops!

All in all, an absolutely delightful time was had :) I hope you're all having a good weekend!



  1. Looks like you had an amazing time, and happy blog birthday! x Jane http://janeheinrichs.blogspot.com

    1. I really did! I love catching up with old friends! Thank you :) Xx