A Miracle Hair Worker!

29 Oct 2013

Want 'just left the hairdressers' hair? Then look no further! This is literally my new favourite product. It makes my hair feel so soft and silky, making it super easy to style too! Best of all, its ridiculously easy to achieve said lovely hair!

TIGI's Wonderful Tonight is an overnight treatment that claims to improve the condition of damaged hair by making it three times stronger than using a conditioner alone. It also makes your hair super soft with diamond powder, cashmere extract, champagne extract and pearl powder. Champagne for your hair! Who'd have thunk it!

This is my hair after using the treatment the night before, washing and blow-drying. I seriously struggled getting a photo from the right angle, so apologies for my creepy face! But I hope you can see the effect the treatments had on my hair. This is before styling or using any product, so I was seriously impressed to see how smooth and sleek my hair looked.

I dispense a few pumps of the product onto my fingers and then disperse it throughout my hair, focussing mainly on the ends. I also add in a little to my fringe to help calm down the frizziness I can get. You then just sleep and wash your hair like normal in the morning! Its literally as simple as that!

The product is like a serumy/creamy consistency, not oily at all which is nice. It soaks in really quickly too so you're not left with damp sticky hair like some overnight treatments. It also smells really yummy! Like citrus and vanilla, so you can go to sleep smelling amazing.

Its literally my miracle worker, and as you only use a tiny amount each application it'll last me ages - which is always a good thing! :)