Beach hair in Autumn?

8 Oct 2013

I've always been a serious Sea Salt Spray fan, and I realise it is generally a summer-esque hairstyle. But, hey! Who says you can't pay homage to the beach look in Autumn? I certainly plan to and the Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray is my favourite spray of the moment.

I briefly mentioned the spray in my September favourites (here) and I pretty much used it every day that month. I prefer using it on wet hair, although it does work well on dry hair too. I concentrate the spray on the bottom half of my hair, with a few spritzs underneath the top layer of the top half. I then scrunch it all up and add on my Tigi S-Factor Smoothing Lusterizer to the ends of my hair to keep them smooth.

I find the curls and waves generally come out better if I leave my hair to dry naturally, which is partly why I love this hairstyle so much. Its so easy to do, and looks really natural. It doesn't leave your hair with that horrible 'crispy' feeling either, although adding my Smoothing Lusterizer does help that!

Its great if you want to add texture to your hair as well. I'm constantly growing my hair out, so sometimes it can look really limp with the weight dragging it down. A few spritz's near the top of your head helps this out though!

At around £7 I don't think its too bad value either! I've still got loads left, and I've been using it practically every day since I got it. :) The picture above is after using the spray on wet hair and leaving it to dry naturally. (Apologies for my make-up free face!)