Holiday Pastels

19 Aug 2014

Photos by Katie Field

Pastel colours seem to have been ever creeping into my S/S wardrobe this year as you may be able to tell from the photos above. Just maybe. 

I love how bright and summery they make you feel regardless of the miserable weather we've been having recently. What happened to summer eh? My dress is from Joy, a payday treat for myself a few months ago and I'm still having a love affair with it. It makes me feel like an American Ice Cream seller (not something I thought I'd aspire to be, but fashion wise I'm loving that career choice). My cardigan was a bargain sale purchase from Urban Outfitters a year or so ago that is a staple regardless of the season. It goes with so many different outfits and really is the comfiest thing.

Shoes wise, these are another sale item that I picked up last year at Topshop. They've come out quite purple in the photo, but they are in fact quite a dusty pink. They remind me of shoes I used to wear as a child and make me feel like I should be frolicking somewhere. Finally my bag was a Birthday gift from Topshop, its one of those bags that I would never pick myself citing it as impractical due to its hue. But actually, its one of my most used bags I own and I love that its not just a common neutral colour.

Whats your take on pastel fashion?



  1. I'm a big pastels fan too - though it has taken me pretty much all summer until the sun has gone away! Love your shoes in particular :) <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  2. Ahh that's a gorgeous outfit! Love the shoes!
    I completely agree, pastels can cheer you up on even the gloomiest day :) x