Travel Back Thursday | Chicago.

21 Aug 2014

All in all I have spent approximately 16 hours in Chicago, Illinois. Stretched over two tiring trips consisting of 4am coach journeys from Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio. Despite this, its one of my most favourite cities and one that I literally LONG to go back to.

As detailed in my Flashback Friday post, back in 2011 I spent my summer taking photographs at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio. I did go travelling for two weeks at the end of my stay with my sister, but I also managed to fit in a few places whilst living in Ohio. I saved up for two trips to Chicago, the second being booked as soon as I returned from the first! The trips were so tiring as the coaches pick up time was the eye watering 4am - I don't think I've ever been so adept at sleeping en route until then.

I explored with my lovely Charlotte on our first trip, and we were then joined by Liam on our second visit. Charlotte, Liam and myself all met in America despite us all being English. We had such an amazing time on both trips and tried to fit in ALL of Chicago's touristy highlights. We ventured onto Navy Pier which had the most beautiful views of Lake Michigan, feasted on Pizza and Breadsticks at Gino's East - an absolute MUST when visiting the City despite the long wait - and rocketed up the Willis Tower for the most incredible views across the City.

For a slightly different view to the City we took a boat cruise down the Chicago River. It really showed just how impressive all the sky scrapers were. It also really reminded me of London, especially with the amount of bridges we sailed under!

However, without a doubt our favourite part of Chicago was the impressive Cloud Gate.....or The Bean to most. It really is one of the most beautiful sculptures and makes the City look even more impressive. Its also ridiculously fun to take a million pictures using it as a mirror!

Chicago is a wonderful City and one that I think often gets overlooked! I'm definitely saving for a return visit in the future.

Let me know if you've ever been to Chicago!



  1. Looks like a gorgeous place!

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