Holidaying in the Cotswolds. Part I

28 Aug 2014

Us humans are funny creatures. We will walk up a flight of stairs, a little mound or a huge mountain purely to look down at where we came. The promise of a spectacular view is enough for us to don our walking boots and hike. This was hardly a huge exertion, not even a little exertion! But the view was still spectacular overlooking the Cotswolds. You could see as far as South Wales if you looked hard enough.

This is Broadway Tower and its the Cotswolds highest castle. We didn't spend the extra cash to actually go in the castle (as it was rather overpriced) but I can imagine the view must be stunning from the top! We had other plans for the afternoon (and my sisters famed Butterscotch Bars stocked in the car) but there was a delightful looking cafe by the castle too if you wanted to make a day of it.

Vainly, I'm pretty happy with these photos. I think they capture how majestic the castle looks, and the gorgeous weather makes the countryside look even more stunning. I also enjoy our family shot - theres nothing better than the slight panicked look of a timer selfie!

Have you been to the Cotswolds? Let me know where you've been!


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