Sunday Bake: Raspberry Macaron's with Chocolate Ganache

17 Aug 2014

STOP PRESS. I made Macaron's and they actually turned out okay!! I won't lie, I am super proud of these! Possibly my best bake of 2014 I think. I was so worried about making them, so for them to turn out so well has made me a very happy bunny indeed!

I decided to make Macaron's for my sister Katie as it was her birthday this week. I researched a load about them trying to decipher the correct 'macaronnage', the perfect egg whipping time and how long to rest them. I even did a practice run a few weekends back. That time I made simple chocolate macaron's and though they turned out okay for a first attempt the feet (the little ruffles at the bottom) weren't fully formed and they were literally all hollow.

The secret to good macaron's seems to lie in the correct macaronnage and how long you leave them to rest.

So where did I find all this knowledge you may ask? THIS amazing blog post by Eat Live Travel Write literally helped me through every step. The post is actually about fixing hollow macaron's but right at the bottom is her recipe. Follow it to the letter!! Do not stray and I promise you will have amazing macaron's that taste divine! THESE video clips are also a huge help with technique.

I need to work on my filling to shell ratio as I was a little too stingy when filling them, and I want to try and perfect the shape of the shells. But aside from that I am one super happy baker. I can definitely feel a macaron obsession beginning and want to try ALL of the flavours now! First on the list? Pistachio <3 p="">
Let me know if you have any macaron tips! Or if you try out this recipe :)


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