Date Night at The Pearl

6 Jun 2014

Myself and Craig have noticed in recent months that all too often we were spending our evenings sat in watching TV. Which don't get me wrong, I do enjoy! But, we started to feel like we weren't doing anything exciting as a couple anymore. Step forward 'Date Night Thursday'! We've decided from now on every Thursday we're going to do something interesting together whether its going for a meal, to an exhibition or seeing a show! Just something new and together.

So, with that in mind last night we went along to the (semi-permanent?!) pop-up restaurant The Pearl in The Dolls House overlooking Hoxton Square. The idea behind the restaurant is British cuisine 'tapas' style and they recommend you have art least 2-3 dishes each. Naturally, we took their advice ;)

The food was literally so so good! First up we had 'breads and butters' which consisted of one slice of soda bread and one slice of black pudding bread with truffle butter and marmite butter. I won't lie, I don't like black pudding, but oh my was that bread amazing! We're now both trying to find a recipe! We also started with gin infused pickled onions - oh yes!

Next up we had some veggie dishes - asparagus with hollandaise sauce and a beetroot, walnut and westcombe cheese salad. Both were literally delicious! It was so nice having the small dishes too, made the experience of dinner so much more interesting.

We actually didn't choose any meat dishes as there wasn't anything we particularly wanted, but the fish dish we chose was my favourite! Scallops and crayfish in an amazing butternut squash puree. Oh my. I could have eaten that dish double the size!

Originally we hadn't actually ordered a pudding, but it is me and I do love a good dessert so we tried 'eggs and soldiers' from the menu. This came out as two shortbread fingers, with what looked like actual eggs! In reality it was a mango caramel yummyness - I'm using the term yummyness because I genuinely don't know what it was aside from tasting so so good! It was really smooth and creamy and not sickly at all which was quite surprising!

It was a delightful date night, made all the better by the brilliant service and really cool atmosphere throughout the Dolls House. If you're around Hoxton its definitely worth a visit, if not purely for the fact that the man on the door is always dressed as a cowboy. I'll say no more.



  1. Aww, the little soldiers and egg dessert thingy is so so cute! The food all looks delicous, and really quirky. I really like your idea of a date night every week, it's so easy to fall into routines of sitting about doing not very much. Lovely post :) xx

    1. Exactlyyyy, at least with the promise of date night you plan something together! :) Xxx

  2. This is such a nice post!xx
    Your blog is so lovely and beautiful:)
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    Keep in touch xoxo

  3. The asparagus and seafood dish looks amazing! Hungry now! x

    1. It was literally amazinggg, I want it again! haha Xx