Greenwich In A Day.

1 Jun 2014

I warn you now, this is a rather picture heavy post! But I haven't taken my camera out in a while so I became quite snap happy!

Today me and the guys spent the beautifully sunny afternoon in Greenwich, exploring the park and market. Greenwich is slowly becoming one of my favourite parts of London and is a really nice place for a lazy weekend mooch.

Greenwich park is beautiful and gives the most wonderful view over London. I love how well the colour of the grass has come up in these photos too, it really was so vibrant in the sun. London in the summer is just the best. Gone is the usual cold nature akin to Londoner's, instead a brighter sunnier disposition is taken on by all. Apart from when you're on the tube; no eye contact is allowed on the tube, no matter the season.

Greenwich Market is also a treasure trove of amazing food and vintage clothes. Some of the food stalls seem to change from week to week but all of it will guarantee to make you hungry! We didn't actually stop for any food as we'd all eaten before, but a few weeks back I had the most amazing pulled duck and pork burger - my mouth is literally watering just thinking about it!

It was such a lovely and sunny day though, so fingers crossed for more sunny weekends so I can use my camera! I'm off to have a bath now and try and put off the Sunday evening blues, with a pamper!

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend :)



  1. This looks to be an absolutely beautiful place and the market looks AMAZING! Also, love the photo of the person looking through the bookcase, it's lovely ^_^

    Mary, xx

    1. It really is beautiful there! Ahh, I'm glad you liked that photo too! I thought she looked sweet :) Xxx