Being 23 Means...

3 Jun 2014

Having turned 23 nearly two months ago I feel like I have a fair grasp of my new age and as such I thought I'd share with you my definitive list of what being 23 means to me. Enjoy :)

- Being 23 means living outside your means
- Being 23 means being offended both when you are and aren't asked for ID
- Being 23 means pretending to be a grown-up
- Being 23 means having weekly panics that your life has no direction
- Being 23 means slowly realising that turning into your mother/father is inevitable
- Being 23 means realising life post-uni is harder than you expected
- Being 23 means realising the horrifying thought that 10 years ago you'd just turned into a teenager
- Being 23 means realising that the workplace is actually just like school, but with responsibility
- Being 23 means hangovers now last at least 24 hours
- Being 23 means starting to accept the person you've become

What does being your age mean to you?



  1. Love this, I can relate to a fair few of these! :)

    Nicola xx

  2. great post, definitely can relate to post-uni life being tough. being 21 means starting to think seriously about moving out of my parents' house !!


  3. I just turned 23 a week ago and I can definitely relate to a few of these, especially the second one :D

  4. Oooh, can definitely relate...I'm turning 21 in October and I feel SO OLD! Haha :P

  5. Oh you make me feel old, I'm just about to turn nearly 10 years older than you! To be honest being my age doesn't mean much to me because I'm lucky enough to look younger so I get younger roles in my work x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty