Living in London.

22 Jun 2014

Growing up in Croydon I always knew that when I eventually moved out it would be further into central London. One of my absolute favourite cities, London will always be home to me and I can't imagine ever moving away for good. However, living in such a big city does have its challenges and for any of you thinking of moving down here's some points to keep in mind!

- Living in Zone 1 is the Impossible Dream
- Tourists will become the bane of your life (even if you've only recently become an adopted Londoner)
- With that in mind don't even THINK about Oxford Street on a Saturday unless you want to hate life
- The Tube will become the tube of hell in the summer months, avoid at all costs.
- Turning veggie is suddenly a very appealing option after rent has left your bank account, meat is far too expensive.
- People standing on the left of the escalator will incur a rage inside that you never knew you had
- Tottenham Court Road Primark may be the biggest and best, but it also constantly looks like a '4pm on a Sunday' kind of Primark.
- Shouting 'move down in the carriage' immediately garners a level of respect from all surrounding struggling passengers.

Any fellow Londoner's our there? What living tips would you give? :)



  1. This was helpful. Haha. Planning to move to London next year.

  2. I would love to live in London one day! Living in a very rural area in England is beyond boring! x

  3. I would love to go back to London again and again, but unfortunately I will be moving out to Manchester soon :) xx

    1. Awh thats a shame! Manchesters a cool city though! Xx