Valentines Bake | Red Velvet Cheesecake Swirl Brownies

11 Feb 2014

When it comes to Valentines Day there are two camps. Those who love it and those who hate it. It's basically the Marmite of the holiday world. Me personally? I'm not a fan. I don't really see the point in it, aside from using it as an excuse to spend the night with your loved one. That being said, if I'm going to use Valentines Day as an excuse for anything, its to bake! So when I saw this recipe on Pinterest I thought it was only right that I tried it.

Red Velvet is such a decadent flavour, and the beautiful red colour makes it a super romantic dessert. A perfect treat to make for your loved one, or just to eat all to yourself! I'm not judging! The combination of brownie and cheesecake goes so well together and makes for a seriously moreish treat!!

I used this recipe from Sallys Baking Addiction. She runs a brilliant site, full of such innovative baking ideas! This recipe in particular was so easy to follow and hardly took any time at all. Her brownies definitely looked better than mine, but mine still tasted amazing so I don't mind. :)

Let me know if you do attempt them for Valentines Day! :) I hope you have a lovely day if you do intend on celebrating!



  1. Those look delicious; will definitely be attempting those at some point! However, probably not going to be Valentine's day since my granny is intent on stocking the house with biscuits and trifle which I may or may not have been taking sneaky spoonfuls of in between studying...ha!

    1. Haha, I do notttt blame you!! Let me know if you do attempt them in the future though! :) Xx