Amazine - Create Your Own Magazine!

4 Feb 2014

I was originally going to post a review on my Enrapture Totem Styler tonight, but instead I got distracted by this super cool website I found! When scrolling through Instagram I noticed that Company magazine were putting on a competition for the best magazine created using Amazine. I'd never heard of it but was totally intrigued.

Ever since creating Dress It Up I've been more and more drawn to the world of journalism and specifically magazines. Blogs in a way already are a kind of magazine, one that is so personal and unique to each blogger. I love this idea of creating magazine type content and soo wish I had realised my interest in it before I went to University.

Amazine is a way for me to express this interest! By 'clipping' my own blog material and other content from across the blogosphere and amazine world you can create your own personal magazine. I love the way it looks, with pictures and text placed at angles so distinctive to magazine pages. Its really fun to create, and a really great way to promote your blog content on another platform.

If you add the 'Story-Bookmarklet' button to your web browsers bookmarks you can clip photos straight from your blog meaning that like Pinterest people can click through the picture to your blog.

Am I late to the bandwagon with this one?? Let me know if you already have a 'magazine', I'd love to follow yours! :) My username is aimeelf6 if you want to find me!



  1. I certainly haven't come across this but it looks so cool ! I just wish I had time !
    Eb x

  2. hey Aimee I've just set up amazine.. (and started following you!) how do you edit the layout of each story... or does it arrange it automatically if that makes sense?

    AJ x

    1. Sorry its taken me a while to get back to you! It does automatically arrange it, which is a little annoying! I wish you could edit the layout yourself!

      Thanks for following me though :) Xxx

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