Weekly Highlights. #14

22 Feb 2014

L-R: Weekday Selfie, Trying out Tanya Burr Little Duck polish, First read of Blogosphere magazine, Lemon Cream Gingernut Pie, IKEA trip, IKEA decor inspiration, Chocolate and Peanut Butter Pie, Selfridges Display, Modern Family loving. 
This week has been a good'un for me. Quite a few new and exciting things happened, paired with a new affinity for making american style pie and a trip to Ikea! I also met up with some old uni friends and put the world to rights over a G&T. Bliss.

Here's my three highlights:

1. IKEA trips have always been something I got far too excited by, and this weeks trip with Craig was even more exciting than usual as this time it was for OUR FLAT. I have briefly mentioned before that in the coming months I will eventually be moving in with Craig and two of our friends which is superrr exciting! We had the exciting task of buying a duvet together which was actually rather stressful what with the Tog system! But strolling round IKEA planning our room decor most definitely made up for it. :) 

2. American pie, (food not the film!) is not really something I've dabbled in before but this week I've ended up making two! Both super easy and super tasty!! I love it when a new bake turns out well, its such a good feeling. The first pie was a Chocolate and Peanut Butter combo (recipe up tomorrow!) and the second a Lemon Cream Gingernut. Yum yum yum.

3. Finally, me and Craig met up with our old Uni friends Grace and Phil this week while they were down in London. I don't think I'd seen them in about a year so it was really lovely to see them and have a good old catch up. Reminiscing about Uni life is one of my favourite pastimes too, so it was lovely to chat about it with them.

I hope you've all had a wonderful week! :)



  1. Love these wee posts. Looks like you had a lovely week. :)

    I LOVE Modern Family, Phil is hilarious!; also, never been to Ikea but desperate to go. I'm afraid of taking home everything in sight! Haha x


    1. Awh thank you :)

      Omgg he seriously is! My favourite thing he said : WTF..Why The Face? ...I literally died! haha Xxx

    2. Hhahah, that was hilarious! I really, really want his Philsosophy book, bound to be tons of wee gems in there :) xx