Weekly Highlights. #7

22 Dec 2013

L-R: Wrapped presents, Christmassy nails, baking for Christmas, shameless selfie, Pudding at Jamies Italian, my sisters present, Jamies Italian yummy wine, Craig's present, my hamper from Craig :), Lasagne at Jamies Italian, missed packages :(. 
This week, like the run-up to Christmas has flown by. Its been full of last minute purchases, missed packages and Christmassy nails. I also finally got my hair re-ombred, but I completely forgot to take a picture and only realised now! Fail! I also realised that I don't take enough pictures in general of my week, and especially of people I spend the week with! Can that be a New Years Resolution?

My three highlights this week are:

1. Christmas shopping with the boy on Monday at Westfield was a lovely day, topped off nicely with lunch at Jamie's Italian. Yum yum for my tum. I love our chats over food, sometimes I think its the only time we're not distracted by our phones and actually give eachother our full attention. Well. 80% of my attention, I'm a foodie at heart so that definitely deserves attention. 

2. Wrapping Christmas presents is something I really enjoy. I love elaborately decorating them and making them look pretty. Especially as they look so lovely sat under the tree. :)

3. Finally, exchanging Christmas presents with the boy is always a delightful affair. :) Christmas music playing, wine in hand and a Yorkshire hamper from Craig was a delightful surprise! 

I can't believe by the time I write this post next week Christmas will be over! :(


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